How to sleep without neck and back pain

Doctors repeatedly said: a good mattress is a chance to save a lot of forces that used to be spent on "biting your teeth and enduring". But a full sleep depends on many nuances. You never know exactly which rule will work in your case. So here are some more tips for relaxing without back pain.

Is it hard to sleep?

A healthy back is a flat back. Do you agree? Then let it be in a dream, you will have a beautiful posture! To do this, you need to choose mattresses that allow you to support the spine in a naturally straightened relaxed state. Drowning in feather beds is not always the right option.

The fact is that the stiffness of the mattress is determined depending on the weight, age, and health of the sleeper:

In diseases of the spine, orthopedists usually recommend hard mattresses - to relieve strained muscles and get rid of the pain.
With active sports and physical exercise, your locomotor apparatus also requires a hard, anatomically correct bed that will help build an optimal body structure.
On a hard mattress that does not allow distortion, it is useful to sleep and the younger generation - children and adolescents, whose posture is only being formed
But people over 45 years are more suitable soft "caring" mattresses, eliminating any pressure points in places where the body contacts the surface of the bed.
As for weight, the norm is 60-90 kg. It is better for heavier people to sleep on a hard, and thin - on a soft.
But how to be, if the back pain is unstable - due to fluctuations in the weather or the fact that you are again overworked at work? No problem, just order a mattress with a double-sided base. As soon as the back begins to "be capricious" again, you can simply turn it around.

Additional points:
Make sure that the hips and shoulder girdle is in the same horizontal plane, without "arches" and "bends". Just for this, you need mattresses with different hardiness zones.

By the way, no matter what the "literacy" of the people said, it's not worth sleeping on the blackboard (or even the door that has been removed from the hinges) - you can wake up bruised the next morning. It is more convenient after all when the surface is soft enough and at the same time gives the necessary support. A mattress is not just invented ...
How are you dressed?

Of course, if you took the lower back, you want to warm it up, for example, tie it with a dense woolen shawl. But all the same, clothes should not be squeezed. Especially at night, when you lie for a long time without moving. That's why many people like to sleep naked. If you are too modest, or the room is too cold, try to pick up your pajamas or a nightclothes of free cut.

Few words about pillows

Instead of a pillow is often advised to put a tight neck under the neck with a diameter of 10-15 cm, However, getting used to such a support is difficult. Yes, in general, and there is no particular need to suffer (unless you are the heroine of the film "Memoirs of a Geisha"). After all, there are modern anatomical and memory-foam pillows designed to support the cervical spine in the optimal position. In fact, it's still the same roller, only improved and much more comfortable.

If it hurts - turn over

With back pain, many people are advised to lie down on their backs, placing a pillow under their heads, and under their knees - another one, so that a figure in the S shape appears. This position allows you to reduce the load on your lower back. It is very similar to the one called the "embryo pose".

If you are sleeping, curled up in a "ball" on your side - it's a good idea to put a second pillow between your knees. It does not allow the legs to slide forward, unfolding the hips, which could create additional strain on the back.
After a tense dinner, try to fall asleep on the right side: the probability of getting bile into the stomach decreases. And at the same time, and pressure on the heart.

Some experts suggest lying on your stomach. At the same time the spine straightens, and the kidneys are not compressed, which allows them to work quietly. But be careful! Due to a strong turn in the neck, normal blood supply to the brain can deteriorate. If the neck hurts the next morning, it is better to look for another position.
In general, the choice of a pose for sleep is a whole science. To learn more about her, take a look at the link Healthy sleep: In what position is better to sleep?

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