7 Tips On Writing An Amazing And Effective Essay!

The essay is an essential and crucial part of assessing a student’s writing style and abilities that is why when it comes to grading them essay writing is a great way to examine them. On the other hand, the essay is an essential factor in crucial academic decisions like grading, admission and scholarship.

While the essay is important, writing an essay can be a dreaded task for students. Either you want to write an essay for your class, exams, scholarship, test or assessment or even for any contest, students find it quite overwhelming.

Many teacher and parents ask, how to teach the paragraph to students, we have bought you a complete teaching guide for an amazing and effective essay.

Essay writing is a massive project which has many steps, but today, we will break the learning process down into multiple manageable parts. It is much easy for students to learn to draft an outstanding essay successfully.

Here are the seven steps to write a successful essay.

1. Pick a topic:

You might have to write on the topics assigned, or you have the choice to write on the subject of your own choice. In both cases, you have to decide the title of the essays, the type of paper, style, tone and information you have to include in your essay.

Do you want it to become a specific analysis or a general overview of the topic? You can narrow down your focus if it is necessary.


If a topic is not assigned to you, you have a little more work to do. It also adds the opportunity for you to choose the subject you are more interested in or which is relevant to you. But whatever the case, you need to define the purpose that your essay is persuasive or informative?


Once the purpose of your essay is determined, you need to do some research related to that topic, something you will write about. You can either write it from your perspective or take a view of any author which help you set the tone of your essay.


When everything is set, you can now finally evaluate your options. If your goal is to educate the reader, you can select those subjects which you have already learn or if you wish to persuade the readers you can go with those subjects you are passionate about. Whatever the topics and its mission are, make sure that you are interested in writing about it.


2. Outline your ideas:

If you wish to write a successful essay, you need to organize your thoughts. Before starting, you have to write everything which is already in your head on a piece of paper; it will help you connect and link all the ideas. Drawing an outline not only gives your idea a direction but also lays a foundation on a paper. You can either draw a diagram or write the bullet points to organize them.


You can also manage your thoughts in a group or batches as a flow of your paragraph. It will give you a grip of starting and ending thoughts throughout the paragraph and gives it a better structure at the same time.


You can even write small points on with pencil on the top of the paper. Write the main idea and include smaller related ideas under it. Doing so will help you see the connections and helps you write an organized essay.


3. Write the thesis statement:

Now once you have chosen the topic and listed down all ideas according to the relevant categories, you should write the thesis statement. A thesis statement tells the point of the essay in the essay. You should see your diagram and ideas outline and determine the main objective of your essay. Your thesis statement has two parts, the one which states the topic and the other which state the point of your essay; it will give your readers an idea of the topic and your point of view at the same time. For example, if you want to state the relation between Barak Obama and his impact on the US your thesis statement would be “Barak Obama has played a great impact in the future of USA through his two consecutive presidential terms.”


4. Write the body:

The body of an essay describes, explain and argues your topic. In the body of an essay, you have to separate the previously written ideas in the form of a paragraph.


Each perhaps consist of the same basic structure, start your essay with the introductory sentence, next you have to support your ideas in formatted sentences but make sure that you support the main idea of the paragraph with smaller and strong smaller ideas.


5. Write the introduction:

Now once you have developed the thesis and overall essay body you have to write a strong introduction. It is the main part of the essay when it comes to how to teach the paragraph. You have to engage your reader and attract them with your introduction.

When your introduction is good, it will instantly grab the attention of your reader, that is why give them something irresistible like shocking information, a story, quote, dialogue or just a simple summary of your topic. Whatever you chose make sure that you connect it with your thesis statement to give it a complete look.


6. Write the conclusion:

The conclusion is a sum up of your overall ideas and closure of the topic which gives your essay a final perspective on your topic. It should consist of three to five strong sentences which gives a simple review of your main points and gives your thesis a reinforcement.


7. Proofread and include the finishing touches:

After writing a conclusion you may think that you have completed your essay, but it is wrong. Before you have finished your work, you have to pay attention to small details and proofread it.


  • Check the order and flow of your paragraphs and make sure that your strongest points are starting from the beginning and flow to the middle to end.
  • See the flow of paragraph and see that the order is making sense.
  • If you are describing a process, you have to state a step by step in correct order.
  • Proofread your essay and spot the spelling mistakes, formatting issues, double check the flow and sentence structure and see everything smooth and error-free.
  • Resolve any grammar issues.
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