What Should You Know About Duct Design?

We all are happy and contented to see our air conditioners working when it is hot and humid outside. But are you aware of the fact that it is the forced distribution of air that allows you to feel comfortable inside? Two systems are widely used to distribute conditioned air – the radiant system and the forced air system. There is an old debate concerning radiant air distribution and forced air system. Even though the radiant distribution system has been ruling the industry for a long time, but AC experts in places like Florida often emphasize on the benefits of forced air duct systems. The reasons are apparent – first, this system promotes good ventilation, and secondly, it’s ideal especially for humid areas like Florida, because it helps in dehumidification. However, do not choose blindly. Before opting for a ducting system, consult an AC repair, installation, and maintenance service provider in Tampa.  In addition to that, set aside some time to understand the Physics of airflow, and how this property is used to facilitate ans even distribution of air.

How Should You Prepare Before Beginning With the Duct Design?

Designing the duct is essential, but there are a few simple, yet critical steps to follow. The first and the most crucial step is to carry out the heating and cooling load calculation. There are two protocols popularly followed in calculating the heating and cooling load – the ACCA manual and the ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals. This will give you the perfect figure for the amount of heating and cooling you need for each of the rooms in BTU per hour. As soon as you get the BTU per hour, you can use the Right-Suite Universal software to translate the BTU per hour requirements into the cubic per hour requirement.

Depending on the figures, you will have to select the right equipment. The selection process is essential because you are not only choosing equipment that will meet the heating and cooling loads of your home. You also have to look after the indoor and outdoor design specifications of your home while selecting the air conditioner.

How is the Weight of Air Important in the Duct Design Process?

Air has its weight, and this is an essential piece of information to consider before starting with the duct design. A wooden block of 1 cubic foot would weigh 0.1 pounds if it were air. At standard temperature and air pressure, a cubic foot of block would weigh 0.0807 pounds. When you select a 2.5 ton of air conditioner for your room, the minimum amount of airflow will be 1000 cubic feet per minute. When you are designing the duct, you must know that the blower will have to push 81 pounds of air through the system every minute.

The simple laws of Physics say when you push a weight horizontally you need no force, as you find no resistance. You feel the resistance when you have to push it upward against gravity. To understand this mechanism, you must have a clear idea of the physics of air flow.

How Physics of Air Flow Helps In Laying the Duct Design?

If you place a fan in an open space with no air turbulence in it, you will receive maximum air flow from the fan. On the contrary, when you place the fan and put in a cardboard tube in front of it, the air flow will find obstructions. The static pressure created around helps in reducing the airflow. Similar conditions arise when the air ducts are designed. When the conditioned air goes through the vents, it finds the frictional force. Inner walls need to be smooth so that they can reduce the friction. Also, there is turbulence created when the ducts are rigid and have fittings to direct the air flow. Every single duct, the accessories within, the turns it takes resists the smooth airflow. Ensure that the blower uses high pressure at the beginning so that by the time the air reaches the vents, there’s some force left to it.

If the pressure starts dropping too frequently, you have to face problems with the air conditioning. Duct design is not possible for everyone. Look for contractors in Tampa who provide quality AC repair, and installation services. Every step holds value, and you must not ignore either of them if you want to add to your comfort.


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