Students’ Guide in Rome: Places to Eat and Drink for Cheap!

Rome is one of the brightest cities in the world. It can boast with its crazy night life, specific food (if you know the right place to find it), and its beautiful places to study. If you study philosophy, arts, history, politics, sciences, technics, and other things, you have much to do in Rome. What is more, your studies can be supported with learning new absolutely amazing places, getting more innovative experience by traveling. Students are free to take a car for rent and go over the hills and far away. There are several Avis locations in Rome, Italy. This is the way you can understand that Rome is not only a good place to study, but also perfect for traveling.

Here is a short guideline for all budget travelers and especially students about where you can find the list of helpful advices to eat, drink and take some rest for a plain student budget.




The prices for food in Rome are rather high, especially comparing them with the rest of the country. Visiting such popular touristic regions as Coliseum and Piazza di Spagna, you are going to pay about $15 for a glass of water. It is difficult to find cheap but high quality food in Rome, but still possible.

1. Find Street Food

Street points are the cheapest way to eat for students in Rome. You can find a big number of cheap treats all over the city. You will not be disappointed. The street food here is fresh and tasty. How about trying some pizza? You can hardly find better food on the go! It is enough to have no more than $2-3 to eat something.

2. Pick One Course

As a rule, typical course, or meal in Italy consists of appetizer, main course, second course, and a dessert of your choice. But you are eager to build up your own dinner structure. Thus, you can share appetizer for all friends and take only the first (mostly spaghetti, soups) or second (meat or fish) course. Don’t take a dessert! It is better to buy ice-cream on your way.

3. Go to Suburbs

Obviously, if you want to find the cheapest food, go to suburbs. The best visited places to eat here and meet new students are Pigneto and San Lorenzo. You can find a lot of worthy places to visit here!




Everybody likes to eat tasty. But if don’t have enough money for that, here is a list of places to eat for cheap in Rome. The best choice for hungry students!


Where to find: 126, Urbana St

Hungry students come here to try Panini for cheap. You can also try cheap burgers here. If you are really hungry, pay attention to the season dishes, and legendary meat of rabbits, made with berries and dill. What else can you expect?


Where to find: 98, Flavia St

The eatery is situated not far from the railway station and this is a good spot to try Pinsa – local pizza, cooked according to the old recipe. It looks like oval bread with a big choice of fillers. You will pay about $4 for one big piece. It is tasty and reasonable!


Where to find: 87, Del Pellegrino St

This is a perfect place if you want to eat something in a pleasant atmosphere. It is a kind of place to have a cup of coffee or tea, work, and relax. This is the best coffee shop you can find in Rome!


Where to find: 8, Della Croce St

If you want to try cheap spaghetti, welcome to Pastificio. The price will be no more than $5. There are also attractive proposals to take two dishes + free drinks. This is your chance to try some home-made wine!




Drinking is not a problem in Rome. If you want to taste something tasty and cheap – that is a problem! So, what are they, places to find a cheap drink and hang out with friends? Here are few of them!


Where to find: 3, Piazza di San Callisto

This is a popular bar for local students for cheap and good beer. The bar takes honorable second place in the city as the cheapest place to drink. A big portion of cocktail will cost about $2-3. Of course, you can try not only drinks, but home-made ice-cream. The place is historical and almost central.


Where to find: 101, Plebiscito St

Everybody knows that «Scholar's Pub» is favorite place for students to meet. Why not? The drinks are cheap, and you can hardly see locals here.


Where to find: 32, Tor Millina St

This is rather faery place, hidden at the side street around the legendary Piazza Navona. The interior is simple, the atmosphere is casual. This is where you can drink alone and spend little money for that.




Where to find: Piazza della Madonna dei Monti

One more interesting place, where you are offered to try some local beer is Piazza Monti. You should come here at 9 p.m. and stay till the midnight! The place is really unique. You can take a table outdoors at the old fountain, drink the craziest cocktail and freely meet people around!

If you want to know where to book the cheapest hotels in Rome and what city attractions you can see for free, you should find more articles for students of this series. As you can see, student life is still busy on study and interesting on traveling. Just find the way and don’t worry about your budget!


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