5 Things to Not Miss Out On When In Rajasthan

Rajasthan ranks among the top locations to visit in any traveller’s list, any day. Such is the charm of the state that it draws visitors from different parts of the country as well as abroad to take a tour of its lands.

If you are someone planning on visiting Rajasthan any time soon, here is a list of activities that you must take part in to have an enriching experience.

Try on the colourful Rajasthani turbans

Among the factors that make Rajasthan as unique as it is, its lively and colourful traditions play a major part. Everything, from the language to the attire of the local folks, will mesmerize you. The Rajasthani folk, especially the males, are big on wearing turbans. Thanks to the burgeoning textile trade of Rajasthan, one can find turbans in various beautiful shades and prints. The style of turban tying or the size of it also differs from region to region within the state.

Spectacular views from forts

Rajasthan is especially popular for its huge and magnificent forts. Most of the cities in Rajasthan have a small or big fort within their limits, telling tales of its majestic past and storing within themselves what remains of their once held glory and grandeur.

Besides giving you a peep into the lives of its royals, these forts in Rajasthan also welcome you to an extraordinary view of the entire city spreading right out starting at its foot.

Many Rajasthan Darshan tour packages these days include a detailed tour of the forts nearby.

Stroll across the colourful countryside

To understand what real Rajasthan feels like, you need to take a walk among its locales. Visiting the countryside brings you face to face with their cultures, practices, faiths, and beliefs. Right from the food they eat to the Gods they worship and the art forms they practice, everything gets passed on from generation to generation. Mandawa, Khuri, and Samode are a few such places that you can tour.

Visitors can take local transport (auto, hand-pulled rickshaws or cabs) to reach these places.

Experience royalty at the palaces

Rajasthan, the land of kings, has many a gems when it comes to royal structures. The number of havelis, forts, and palaces that this state has is suggestive of India’s rich past. Now, while a few of the palaces in Rajasthan have been transformed into hotels (Umaid Bhawan for instance), there still are a good few that maintain their age-old touch.

From the City Palace in Jaipur to the Monsoon Palace in Udaipur and Mehrangarh Fort palace in Jodhpur, there are various royal structures that you can visit when in Rajasthan. Palace visits are also something that some of the best Rajasthan Darshan tour packages includes.

Savouring the local cuisines

Rajasthan is food heaven and for all kinds of eaters, be they vegetarian or non-vegetarian. From varieties of richly made sweets and tasty savouries to wide-ranging non vegetarian dishes, Rajasthan has it all. Among the must-try food items in Rajasthan, a few are- dal baatichurma, Gatte ka pulao, mawakachori, mirchivada, Rajasthani kadi, LaalMaas, dilkhushal, Alwar ka mawa, aam ki launji, ghewar, and so on.

Although there are a lot more fun things that you can do in Rajasthan, the above-mentioned are the ones you shouldn’t miss out on.

It is not easy to cover all things at one go, especially when touring a large state like Rajasthan, which abounds in fun activities and places to see. Hence, to help you out, given below are the top 5 things that you have to participate in to make your visit memorable and entertaining.

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