5 Common Tattoo Myths Preventing You from Getting Inked

By Tom

Tattooing is the best possible way to make a unique style statement and to stay cool. Presently, this body ink art has become more and more popular with affordable rates, the advanced techniques, and safe services. Tattoo fever has caught everyone, especially boys and girls who are in their teens. However, when it comes to getting inked, few people still feel hesitant as they are having some myths, regarding this art.

Do you have a clear idea about tattooing? If not, then you may go through the following section to know whether you are living with misconceptions or not. Here I have talked about some common tattoo myths; people generally have. To know more about the tattoos misconception and facts, you can check this out now.

1. Almost Anyone Can Design Tattoos

Tattooing is not like painting. It is not like that you take the ink and paint anything on the skin. The entire process is more complex than it appears. This is all about art that requires proper training and years of experience. Not anyone can design a tattoo. The tattoo artists need to go through different types of training, including, medical training. Choose the artist, who is licensed. Make sure that the artist is highly skilled and experienced to perform the job properly. 

2. Tattooing Hurts A Lot

Tattoo hurts, and this is a fact. But it is not like that tattooing hurt a lot and you cannot tolerate the pain. It can be assured that you can endure the pain while getting inked. How much it hurts depends on your pain threshold. If you choose an adept and licensed artist from a reputed studio, you will be less hurt. To know more about this and Bali tattoo designs, you may take an appointment with an experienced tattooing artist now. 

3. Consumption Of Painkiller Before Getting Inked Will Hurt Less

This is not true. Tattooing will hurt, and as per the experts, you should avoid painkiller before undergoing the procedure. Why the experts ask to avoid painkiller is that the pills may make the blood thinner. This increases the risk of bleeding at the time of the procedure. 

4. You Can Contract HIV From Tattooing

Unless you get inked from an inexperienced artist from a not so popular tattooing studio, you will not contract diseases, through this body ink art. For safety or to avoid skin infection, you should choose a reliable studio which is the home of licensed and highly professional artists. Make sure that the store is having a sterile environment and all the artists’ work, obeying the tattooing rules properly. They need to use clean and disposable items for this procedure. 

5. Tattooing Prevents You From Donating Blood

This is not true. As per the opinion of the experts, you can donate blood if you get inked from a reputed tattoo studio, offering safe and high-quality services.

Hopefully, now you have understood which the myths are and what the facts are. Now quickly visit a leading tattoo shop and get inked with the best design.

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