Causes of Infertility in Men and Remedies

Infertility is one of the most common problems men face and it could be very disturbing especially when one is married. There are actually several different reasons why a man may not be able to impregnate a woman. Most men who face infertility problems become depressed by the situation because they neither know the cause of their problem or any solution. While one may never be satisfied until he has a child of his own, knowing the cause of male infertility and possible solutions will definitely make the whole issue easier to deal with. A problem of infertility is declared when a couple is not able to have a baby conceived even after having unprotected sex for more than a year. A good number of couples who are unable to have children have the problem resulting from the man and this is what is medically termed male infertility.

Bear in mind that some male infertility problems have no solution in medical science. There are a few causes of infertility in men which could be hereditary or the result of an accident. But a large number of them can be reversed medically, especially if the signs of infertility in men can be detected early enough. It is possible to increase male fertility for those who may have had trouble impregnating their wives for more than a year. However, the first step towards rectifying the problem is identifying it.

Sexual problems

For a couple to have a baby naturally, there must be sexual intercourse. But sexual intercourse in itself must be effectively done in order for a woman to conceive. Certain factors have to be in place and sometimes, if one of them is lacking, it could be difficult for couples to conceive, even after having unprotected sex for more than a year. One of the reasons for infertility is the inability of a man to successfully have sex for whatever reason. As far as men are concerned, sexual problems that could be the cause of infertility have to do with the man’s inability to properly have sex that could lead to conception. It is actually possible to increase male fertility when a man has some of these sexual problems by correcting medically.

Weak erection or erectile dysfunction(ED). This is definitely one of the reasons for infertility. It is one of the sexual problems men face that lead to inability to impregnate a woman. A man suffers from ED if he is frequently unable to have or keep an erection. In order for a man to successfully have sex and impregnate a woman, he must be able to have and keep an erection to continue sexual intercourse over a period until ejaculation of semen. But when a guy finds it difficult to have an erection or maintain it during sexual intercourse, he will not be able to impregnate a woman because the process of ejaculation (which should normally come after some time of sexual intercourse) may not happen. For some men, the problem is having an erection. These men are not able to have an erection at all. For others, the problem is keeping the erection once it is gotten. Both conditions may be a sign of infertility in men or a serious medical condition that should be reported to your doctor immediately. People who face this problem would normally be able to get their partner pregnant once it is corrected. Therefore correcting this problem is one way to increase male fertility.

There are several ways to correct inability to have an erection or keep one but your doctor will first have to determine the exact cause of the problem and them recommend drugs or other methods of treatment.

Prolonged or Painful Erection. It is not normal for a man to experience pain in the penis during sexual intercourse. This could affect fertility in that the pains could make the man unable to keep having sex long enough to ejaculate and have his sperm get into the woman. Most often than not, erections become painful when they last much longer than necessary. The medical term for painful erection is priapism and it is usually very distressing for men. For erection to happen successfully, blood has to move into the penis, making is stiff and larger than normal. The blood that moves into the penis during an erection remains there to keep the penis stiff for sexual intercourse. But this becomes a problem when the erection stays for too long because that will mean the blood in the penis losses oxygen and could lead to destruction of penile tissues.

When painful erection continues for a while unattended and tissues are destroyed, the man is going to experience ED and this is one of the reasons for infertility. Men who experience painful erection and have been unable to impregnate their partners would have to see a doctor immediately. In order to increase male fertility, you should be able to have sex normally without any hindrance to the process or pleasure.

Even those who have had children before and notice problems of prolong erection that causes pain need to visit a doctor for checkup. Normally, it is the result of poor regulation of the flow of blood to and from the penis. When a man just begins to experience painful or prolonged painful errection, he will have to see a doctor on time as this could be one of the signs of infertility in men.

Loss of Sexual Pleasure or affection. When a man looses his sexual drive, there is a very serious problem that has to be attended to. This is one of the causes of male infertility that have to do with sexual problems. In order for sexual intercourse to take place, both partners have to be sexually aroused. If that arousal does not happen for the man, he will not get an erection and without an erection he cannot have intercourse that should lead to pregnancy. Such men may have an erection once in a while but would not be able to keep it long enough to have sex.

Sperm production problem

One of the causes of infertility in men is the inability to produce enough sperm which are healthy enough to fertilize the woman’s egg. There are three issues that could be stated when one talks about sperm production.

The first is low sperm counts which is medically termed oligospermia. This is a condition in which the semen ejaculated during orgasm does not have enough sperm cells to fertilize the egg. As a matter of fact, the fewer the number of sperm cells present in semen, the lesser the chances of that man getting a woman pregnant. Normally a healthy man’s sperm count should be at least fifteen million sperm cells per millimeter of semen. Anything less than that is a case of low sperm count and is one of the causes of infertility in men. Male fertility is directly proportional to the amount of sperm cells present in the semen ejaculated. The lower the sperm count, the lesser the chances of that man impregnating a woman. So in order to increase male fertility (for those who have issues with their sperm count) there is need for more sperm to be produced and safely ejaculated.

Secondly, there could be no sperm at all in the semen ejaculated by the man and this condition is medically known as azoospermia. It is clearly a more critical condition and naturally eliminates the possibility of a man impregnating a woman since there can be no natural fertilization of the egg without sperm.

Hormonal Issues

One of the reasons for infertility in men is the absence or improper functioning of one or more hormones responsible for sperm production. There are certain hormones responsible for the production of sperms and a deficiency in one of these hormones could be a sign of infertility in men. The main hormone is testosterone which takes charge of sexual development in mature male from eleven to twelve years and above. This hormone is particularly responsible for the development of the male reproductive system. It stimulates and promotes spermatogenesis, which is the process by which sperms are produced in the testes. You could also see the work of this hormone in young men through the appearance of facial hair, pubic hair and deepening of the voice as they mature into puberty. If a man does not produce this hormone in sufficient quantity, it could be a sign of infertility in men and could becomes difficult for him to generate sperm cells.

Gonadotropin is another hormone which enables the formation of sperm cells necessary for male fertility. Like testosterone, the release of this hormone is controlled in the hypothalamus of the brain and flows from the pituitary gland. This hormone is particularly important because it controls the secretion of other hormones connected to male fertility and reproduction.

You also have the Folicle stimulating Hormone which is secreted and synthesized by Gonadotropin to prepare it for the function it has to perform. It is one of the hormones responsible for fertility and reproduction in males. Lutropin or Luteinizing Hormone is one of the hormones responsible for reproduction in men though it works together with the follicle stimulating hormone. The secretion of both hormones are controlled or regulated by genadotropin. Finally there is inhibin which basically stops the production of sperm cells when a man’s sperm count is too high by inhibiting or stopping the secretion of follicle stimulating hormones.

Since these hormones closely work together for regulation of sperm production, a deficiency or dysfunctionality of one of them could lead to male infertility. If you have problems with infertility caused by deficiency in any of these hormones, it can actually be corrected by giving you supplements of the needed hormone. However, the time it takes for these to work could be about or more than a year.

Use of alcohol and drugs

As ridiculous as it may sound to some people, especially those who are drug addicts, the use of alcohol and drugs especially in large quantities or addictive circumstances is actually one of the causes of infertility in some men. For example men who use drugs like cocaine and marijuana are more likely to experience instability in hormonal production with the result being inadequate production or irregular flow of sperm. In extreme cases, this could lead to irreversible infertility. However, in mild cases, drugs could be taken to reverse the situation though the male with this problem may only see a change after weeks or months of taking such drugs.

Use of drugs and alcohol abuse cause sexual dysfunction. In this case, the male experiences problems with erection or sexual arousal. In addition, because alcohol makes the central nervous system unstable, making the brain and body to function slowly, some men who take it may experience problems with getting or keeping an erection or ejaculation. Such people may also suffer form delayed orgasm. By the way, those who use drugs and alcohol are more likely to get sexually transmitted infections which as you will soon see, are largely responsible for infertility in men.

Ejaculation Problems

Ejaculation is the process by which semen and sperm is released from the male reproductive system so it can be transported into the woman to fertilize at least one of her eggs. It is important to note that as far as fertility in men is concerned, ejaculation must come at the right time and with the right components. Timing and composition semen ejaculated are very important. It is not just about having an erection that leads to sex and then ejaculation. If the process of ejaculation is not rightly timed and done, a man may have infertility issues. Some ejaculation problems are the result of blockages in the spermatic duct.

There is what is medically known as retrograde ejaculation which occurs when in the process of intercourse, sperm goes into the bladder instead of exiting out of the tip of the penis. However, ejaculation could also be too fast in coming, too slow or may not even happen at all in some cases. Theses are all signs of infertility in men. It is interesting to note that as far as the issue of ejaculation is concerned, what may be a problem of early ejaculation for one man could be just fine with another. Except in extreme cases, the terms slow or fast ejaculation are subject to the couples involved.

Premature or fast ejaculation happens when semen flows out of the penis earlier than the man would like it to happen. This is of course because he has no control over it. Remember that most men are not able to continue having sex after an ejaculation. This is one of the reasons why quick or premature ejaculation is such a serious issue amongst couples. It usually causes the process of intercourse to cease too early for the man. Therefore, both partners are not able to sustain sexual pleasure for as long as they would like to. If you face this problem, you may want to take courage in the fact that it is the most common complain from men with regards to sexual performance. Since part of the brain is responsible for sexual activity and there are hormones that regulate the process of ejaculation, medical experts are quite confident that premature ejaculation can be controlled or reversed when the man is more stable psychologically or after gaining experience through practicing sex for some time. However, there are medications that could be taken to help men who suffer from this problem overcome it.

Retrograde ejaculation on its part is caused by a number of factors which are mostly as a result of medical conditions rather than psychological or performance issues. It could be caused by diabetes, surgical lapses or errors, nerve damages or a side effect of some medications. It is also one of the signs of infertility in men thoufconsider this a problem since it does not actually affect or hinder sexual pleasure. However, it remains a problem for those who are looking forward to having a baby. These people would have to consider getting medical attention and treatment.

Lastly, delayed ejaculation is another problem that often leads to infertility in men. Though it affects a very small part of men with ejaculation issues, it is a problem nonetheless, and sometimes a big worry to those who have been living with it for a while and desire to have kids of their own. There is very little medically known about this problem so medical solutions could also be limited. In any case, the main problem is the fact that men with delayed ejaculation issues could go through an entire intercourse session and not ejaculate. Sometimes, it could lead to pain in the penis after a while. Remember ejaculating at the right time is closely connected to the level of sexual pleasure both partners can have during sex and this is in turn related to the fertility of a man. If there is no ejaculation at all or it comes at the wrong time, the female will not be pregnant.

For this too, one may have remedy or medical help but you will need to find someone who is a professional with some level of experience in dealing with such cases. Such people are not easy to see and for that reason a few men give up the search before their condition is treated. But with a few contacts made here and there and some effort put in, you can find someone with the right skill set to assist you.


One of the most common causes of infertility in men is sexually transmitted infections and other diseases that affect the production or functionality of sperm cells. Certain diseases or infections like epididymitis (which is the inflation of the epididymis) or swelling of the testicles. Sexually transmitted infections like HIV, gonorrhea. Generally, it is possible to reverse conditions that are as a result of infection though in extreme cases the man may incur a permanent testicle damage. When the situation is reported and attended to on time and infections are cured, the man who may have been facing infertility as a result of such infections will simply be fertile again.

Use of certain medications

Because of the chemical components of certain drugs and medications, a man who takes them, especially over an extended period of time may experience sperm cell damages or other fertility complications. This is one of the reasons why there is usually a great deal of care taken by doctors and medical practitioners to give people drugs that will have minimum side effects on them. Some of these medications are designed to impair sperm production and as a result decrease male fertility.

Prior Surgeries

While some surgeries like vasectomy are specially designed to keep a man from being fertile or from being able to impregnate a lady, there are some errors that could occur during some surgeries leading to male infertility. These include surgical procedures like prostate surgery, surgeries for rectal and testicular cancers as well as scrotal surgeries. Sometimes, the damage done is minimal and medically reversible. But when something seriously goes wrong during some of these surgeries, the man may loose his fertility permanently.

Some other signs of infertility in men are so subtle the persons involved will not be able to detect what the problem is. One of them is overheating of the testicles by wearing tight underwear or sitting for extended periods of time, thereby slowing down or inhibiting sperm production. Though there is not much valid research done on this, the possibility for overheating to decrease infertility is high. For those who know how the male reproductive system function, this will be quite easy to understand. The reason why the testes hangs out of the body in a thin sack is because of its need for temperature lower than normal body temperature to effectively produce sperm cells. This simply means changes in the temperature of the testis over extended periods of time could be a problem.

Sometimes the reasons for infertility are poor heath conditions, other times emotional issues or hereditary conditions that may or may not be medically reversible. You need to seek counseling and the attention of your doctor in some cases or look to God for help if you believe in Him.

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