How to Keep your Man

Keeping your man all to yourself can be a BIG challenge if you don’t know how to keep him interested. There is an alarming rate of divorce in the US today because no one feels that a man can be with just one woman all his life and so it is normal to lose interest in her even in marriage. We have to know that there are couples who have been married for years now and are still happily married. Herbert Fisher, Sr and Zelmyra (nee George) Fisher are said to be the longest married couple of 86years, 290 days of marriage in the year 2010 and live in North Carolina, United States. America’s longest married couple on 22 November 2013 are John George Betar and Anne (nee Shawah) Betar and they are married for 85years, 255 days and live in Connecticut, United States. This is just to make you know that keeping your man is not a mystery. Many fail because they think that it is quite difficult and impossible to keep a man always wanting to be with you. If you aren’t thinking that way, then it’s cool. But if that is what has been in your mind before now, just let it go. It will be more challenging learning how to keep a man interested in you when you think that it is a difficult thing to do.

How to keep your man is that first thing that comes to your mind when you guys get into a relationship. You start being afraid of losing him to another girl. Even when he marries you, you are still afraid of losing him to another woman. This is because knowing how to get a man to want you is different from knowing how to keep a man interested in you. Knowing how to get a man to want you is much easier than knowing how keep him interested in you. There is no need being afraid. This article will discuss to you the various ways to keep your man. In just 20 ways, learn how to keep a man interested in you and you alone. Here, you will learn how to please your man and make him interested in you and wanting to be with you all the time.

Appreciate him in front of others and make him happy.

Happiness is what every human wants in life. We become so fulfilled when we have people around us who make us feel happy. When you are determined to always keep your man happy, he would see more reason wanting to be around you. To make your man happy, you must learn to appreciate him. A man loves to feel appreciated by the woman in his life. You can make him know you are grateful for having him in your life.

Even when he does nothing special for you at the moment, you still have to praise him and make him feel wanted. Tell him how glad you are for the gifts he bought for you some few days ago. This is just to let him know that you grateful for every endeavor he makes to keep you happy. This makes him feel worthy and happy. Every man is happy when he sees that he is able to make you happy by the little things he does for you. This will keep him always wanting to be with you and even spend the rest of life with you. This is because the greatest need of every human being is the need to be feel appreciated. This keeps them happy

Trust him and let him know it.

One of the ways to keep your man is to trust him. Every man loves to be trusted by his woman. Not trusting him will make him feel so uncomfortable any time he is with you. He would always be wondering how you perceive him or what is going through your mind anytime you look at him. Every man who loves you will be concern knowing how you perceive him. Do you perceive him as a cheat? Do you feel he has other ladies aside you? This is what he would want to know. It is important to make him know that you trust him. This will keep him happy and then see more reason to keep doing things to win your trust. Learning how to keep him interested is learning how to trust him and making him know how much you do. If you didn’t trust him, you would not have dated him right? Then make him know you trust him. I had a date with one guy who told me that he goes about cheating on his girl anytime he learns that she doesn’t trust him. No man loves to be around a woman who doesn’t trust him. It makes him feel so uncomfortable. If you want your man to always want to be around you, then you must learn to trust him and let him know it.

Make Your Man Your Priority.

Take time to make your boyfriend or husband know just how much special he is to you. Everyone always have something to do which keeps her super busy; we have school, jobs to do, kids to attend to and other commitments which often get in the way. Take out time to send him some sweet texts in the midst of your busy schedule to prove to him that you care so much about him and that you are thinking of him. It will be a proof to him that nothing can come in between you guys. Just make him feel as your priority. Many women are unable to make their men their priorities and they let these men slip off their hands. Some who are married focus more on their children than on their husbands. Every man loves to feel special and important. If you have been unable to make your man feel this way, then you can start now by making him your priority. Knowing how to keep him interested in you is knowing how to make him your priority.

Encourage him

Support your man if he wants to try something new. Encourage him if he is going through a difficult phase in life. Men do not open up as easily as women, so you should not expect a heartfelt conversation every time he is going through this period in his life. Sometimes he may just want to be alone to think out things. Encourage him by telling that he is doing a great job and he should keep up and try out jokes to make him laugh and get him out of his stress mood.

Respect him.

All of us need respect. This means we all have to show respect. When you love your man so much, you are easily carried away by your emotions to easily talk stupid or put down your man in jest but be careful not to speak disrespectfully to him. Never make ridicule of your man or put him down in public or in front of his friends. Let him know you respect him even if you are anger and you can’t help but speak back rudely to him. Just put your emotions under control. Be careful not to say something that will make him feel less a man. No man will love to be around a woman who belittles him in front of his friends or family members. Respect your man and make him know it. Knowing how to get a man to want you can appear easy but how to keep a man interested in you is more challenging than you can imagine. Yet there is a way out. You just need to respect your man and make him know you do. That is just one of the ways to keep your man but a very necessary and important way to do it.

Don’t emasculate your man.

What makes him a man is not just his reproductive organ but more of his masculinity. Every man would do everything possible to keep his masculinity. Every man has his epic ego and so will want a woman who will recognize this and not make him feel less like a man even when he has done something wrong. don’t talk him down in public. Every man would want to be around a woman who makes him feel more of a man.

Let go of his wrongs.

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. If you want to build a long lasting relationship with your man, then let go of his past mistakes. He may have wronged you so much in the past which he regrets and wants to make amends. Don’t keep reminding him of it. Everyone wants to cut away from his pasts, especially a devastating one. Do not remind him of his past relationships or exes which he has tried very hard to forget. If he cared so much about his exes, he would go after them instead of dating you. If he is with you, then he is interested in you. Let go of his wrongs. What is important is that he has truly moved on.

Make him feel secure.

He is a man and so has his ego but can be so fragile when it comes to the matters that concern the heart. Men can feel threatened and become so insecure. Make him know that he is the only man in your life and there is no other but him. Just do it the right way and he’ll feel so secure with you. Men can get really jealous. He may feel insecure because of the so many guys who come around you. Just make him know that you belong to him and him alone. You can do this by telling him and avoiding getting too close with your exes or other guys who have interest in you.

Be Yourself.

One of the ways to keep your man is to just be yourself. Every man wants a woman to act real in front of him and not fake it. Make your man know the kind of person you are. Do not pretend to be someone you are not. He is interested in you and not someone else. So just be you. If you fake things and one day he gets to know who you truly are, he will get so disappointed in you. No lady will want to disappoint the man he loves. So you just have to act it real. He is interested in knowing you and not someone else. It shouldn’t just be about keeping him interested in you but keeping him interested in the real you.

Don’t become too controlling.

Without knowing it, when women get into relationships, they become too controlling. They control their partners to do what pleases them. They get too concern with what makes them happy and forget to initiate ways on how to please their man. They engage in destructive habits like blaming, nagging, complaining and even criticizing. Men may not admit it or not, they do not like nagging women. A nagging woman may never understand or appreciate them and they don’t want that. If you are looking for how to please your man, then drop down the relationship destructive habits that may scare your man away from you. If you are looking for ways to keep your man, then you have found one. Do not become too controlling in your relationship.

Let your man have time to himself.

Some men see relationships as a tool that can take away their freedom. Some decides to flirt than to get into relationships. This happens because there are ladies who monopolize their men’s time and leave them with no time for themselves. Just let your man have time for himself. Let him spend time with his friends and pursue his hobbies. Give him some space so that he does not feel he has no freedom You have to know that men are different from women. Most women love having people around them, while men get annoyed when they don’t have time to spend alone. To make your man miss you more, just give him space or initiate a way by which he can have some time for himself.

Be a good cook.

Food is the way to a man’s heart. Knowing how to keep a man interested in you is knowing how to cook and not just knowing how to cook but knowing how to cook his favorite meals. He may say he is not too interested if you know how to cook or not but that should not stop you from learning how to cook. You might just as well get his friends to like you through your meals. And you know what that means. It can really be a way on how to please your man. This is just what you need to know on how to keep your man or how to get a man to want you.

Make him feel you depend on him.

Make your man feel like a man by making him believe you are dependent on him. Make him feel like your protector. When your man truly believes you depend on him, he will cling to you because it is a feeling he would always want to have inside. To feel as your hero.

Ask his help every now and then.

Men think they have exceptional problem solving abilities. He would likeyou to ask his opinion, advice before taking an adventure. Being of help to you make his pride swell up and that is exactly how he wants to feel being your man. It makes him feel as your hero.

You are free to feel helpless in his arms.

If you feel so sad and helpless, don’t be afraid or too shy to cry in his arms. He wants to share in your pain and also give you a shoulder to cry on. Just walk right up to him even without saying a word and hold him tight. He will be glad to give you a shoulder to cry on.

compliment him.

Men may pretend not to like compliments, but believe that they enjoy it. You can complement him for his physique. Tell him how handsome he is and just how nice he looks in that shirt he is wearing right there. You can also compliment him for his intellect. Telling him how wonderful his ideas and how his advice has been of help to you. Just tell him the nice things you like about him. He will be happy you notice the things about him and most especially the efforts he puts into looking good for you.

Buy things he likes and give them to him as a surprise.

You may be out alone shopping and you come across something your man would really appreciate. Why not pick it up for him and give it to him as a surprise? It will make him feel really special because it actually means that you were thinking about him before you bought him the gift. The question in your mind is how can I know the things that he would like? You just have to pay close attention in order to know the things he would like or why not ask him about it. You can use this as means on how to please your man.

Look good around him.

Men are just attracted by what they see. If you want to know how to keep him interested, then you must be ready to try out new designs and always look sexy around him. This is how to get a man to want to you and one of the essential ways to keep your man all to yourself. When he sees something new out there on another lady and comes home and meet it on you, he will see no reason flirting around. This is because you are not different from the other girls. Always put efforts in looking hot for him. Don’t be too contented that you have him already. You need to keep doing something to keep him chasing and that includes looking good for him. If you are always looking good and your man keeps flirting with other girls, then there is one thing you have failed to do before getting into that relationship. You didn’t just take the time to study his relationship pattern. A man who has the habit of flirting with other girls even when they are dating you, will still do no matter what you do on how to keep him interested or how to please your man.

Don’t talk behind his back.

Couples are always bound to have misunderstandings. Don’t be too quick to confide in your friends or family about the matter. They may be so bias in their judgment and say something that may tend to ruin your relationship. If you want to keep the relationship for long, then you guys should look for time to talk out things and make it work. Most at times we run to another relationship because of simple disagreements. If you can’t get the bull by the horn, then you are simple running to meet the same situation elsewhere. This is exactly what you need to know on how to get a man to want you more and more. You have to be ready to solve the problems with him and not run away from him.

Hang out with him.

Plan solo dates often. Men like it when the women take over initiatives like planning dates. Hanging out as often as possible keeps the passion in the relationship burning. Just look for time to have fun with your man. This will make him know how much you appreciate having him around you and then he will feel wanted. Every man wants to feel wanted by his woman. This is just what you need to know on how to keep a man interested in you and you alone. This wouldn’t cause you much but would be of greater advantage to building your relationship and giving it life. A relationship without flirting or hanging out becomes so boring and you wouldn’t want that to happen with you and your prince charming.

Keeping your man is a matter of choice and efforts. It may look difficult in the beginning but when you start doing it, you find it much pleasing to do when you start seeing the fruits of your labor. If you have not been doing this, then you should start now.


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