How to Negotiate with a Pawnbroker?

A pawn shop can be an excellent place to raise some quick cash or find something that you need at a lower price. However, whether you are selling something to a pawnbroker or purchasing anything from a pawnbroker, there is always a room for negotiation. Although there is media speculation around pawnbrokers, often portrayed as shady in the press, but if you are avoiding them, for this reason, you are indeed missing out on some great deals.

The fact is, all pawnbrokers are heavily administered and required to get a license to trade from the Financial Conduct Authority. Having been said, the question that often arises:

Do pawnbrokers negotiate on their prices?’


Although negotiating at a pawn shop can often fetch you even a better deal when you pawn, sell or buy, it is imperative to remember that a pawnbroker will settle on a price, but within reason. Like any other business, a pawnbroker is also in a trade, and he/she works to make money. But, here is the difference:

A pawnbroker sets a price for the assets he/she sells or accepts as a pawn, carrying out a precise evaluation to ascertain the amount he/she is willing to offer for an item to a customer. Thus, the wobble room for your negotiation is in the process that any high street pawnbroker uses for arriving at a particular price.

The price of an item may vary dramatically from one pawnbroker to another, but highly sought after and coveted assets always fetch a higher price.

While it is not illogical to think that a pawnbroker can be an effective negotiator, here are few things that ensure you will secure the best deal possible when walking out of a pawn shop:

•    Be reasonable

While you may hope to procure more money from pawning or selling an item, a pawnbroker also aims to make some profit from your asset. With this in mind, you have to ensure that your negotiation is not overstated.

Many people walk into a pawn shop and often try to over-negotiate on an asset. Some individuals try to get a little more money for their assets, while others try to save a little more cash on a purchase if it is possible.

But, the key to success is always to be reasonable on the price, avoiding asking for more than what you can obtain. The bottom line is that negotiating too much may undoubtedly leave you without any deal.


•    Be knowledgeable

Before you walk into a pawn shop to pawn or sell your valuables, it is essential to be aware of the actual value of it. While it is a good idea to have your asset appraised by any trustworthy pawnbrokers in London or any other big city, make sure that you choose a reliable one to obtain an accurate price quote.

With an idea of your asset’s value, you will neither obtain too little nor give too much for the item. Although a pawnbroker offers a portion of the actual value of an asset, you can always expect to acquire the highest price possible for your valuables from a long-established and reliable high street pawnbroker. 

What’s the bottom line?

A good negotiation necessitates having substantial knowledge of the actual value of your item. Thus, it is a prerequisite to find out the details as much as possible concerning your item’s value and use them as the principal constituents for negotiation.

•    Be gentle

Negotiation does not mean fighting. If you are not careful with your behaviour and words, the process may get peevish. If you are trying to establish a common accord, make sure that you are reasonable and patient. Your initial offer from the pawnbroker may be a starting point, see if he/she is willing to negotiate. However, set a minimum price ahead in mind so that you do not make unrealistic demands and eventually, make a decision that you may regret later.

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