Plastic cosmetic surgery Types


Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty concerning the restoration, reconstruction, or perhaps alteration of the human body. It can be split into two categories. The first is reconstructive surgical treatment which include craniofacial surgery, palm surgery, microsurgery, and typically the treatment of burns. The other is cosmetic or perhaps aesthetic surgery.[1] While reconstructive surgery aims to reconstruct a part associated with the body or increase its functioning, cosmetic plastic surgery aims at bettering the physical appearance of it. Both associated with these techniques are widely-used all over the world.

Types of Plastic Surgical procedure
Head, face, and eyes


Brow/forehead lift
Eyelid lift
Ear pinning
Hearing reshaping
Hair replacement surgical procedure
Nasal surgery
Nose reshaping
Chin, cheek, or mouth reshaping / facial enhancements
Lip augmentation
Cleft lip and cleft palate
Craniosynostosis (craniofacial anomaly)

Mouth plus teeth

Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Breast enhancement
Breast reconstruction
Breast reduction in men with gynaecomastia
Breast lift

Abdominoplasty (abdominoplasty)
Hand in addition to upper limb

Chase Hand and Upper Limb Centre

Chemical peel
Dermabrasion / dermaplaning
Collagen/fat injectable fillers
Botox/filler injections (restylane, radiesse)
Glycolic peels
Laserlight peels
Vein removal
Scratch revision
Tattoo removal
Medical Techniques Used in Plastic-type Surgery
There are various techniques applied to perform cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery processes, including the following:

Endoscopic surgical procedure
Endoscopic surgery is performed by having an endoscope, a new tubular probe that offers a tiny camera and also a bright light, which is usually inserted into a tiny incision. Images from you are carried back to a display screen, which the surgeon wrist watches while manipulating the endoscope in the body. The endoscope is a device to be able to assist the surgeon during surgical procedures. Instruments to actually perform the surgical procedure are inserted through different incision(s).

Flap surgery involves transporting healthy, live tissue from one location of the body to be able to another - often to be able to areas who have lost skin, fat, muscle movement, and skeletal support. There usually are several different types of flap surgery methods of which may be utilized, dependent upon the location from the flap and the buildings that really must be repaired. The types are the following:

Local flap - is located subsequent to the wound; typically the skin remains attached in one ending in buy that the blood source is left intact.
Local flap - uses a new portion of tissue that is usually attached with a specific blood vessels vessel.
Bone/soft tissue argument - this type of flap is normally used when bone plus the overlying skin usually are transported to a fresh location.

Laser surgery
Laser treatment used in plastic surgery frequently provide for minimal hemorrhaging, bruising, and scarring. Presently there are many different varieties of lasers that may be employed, depending upon the idea in addition to location of the surgical procedure to get performed. Consult your physician/surgeon to determine when laser surgery, and which usually type, is most appropriate for you.

Skin graft
A skin graft may possibly be used to protect skin that has recently been damaged and/or is lacking. This surgical procedure entails removing healthy portions of skin from one portion of the body in order to restore normal appearance and/or function to another section of exactly the same body. The place where the epidermis is removed is called the donor site. There are three various kinds of pores and skin grafts that may end up being utilized, depending after typically the size and placement of required skin. These include the next:

Split-thickness skin graft
Full-thickness skin graft
Composite epidermis graft

Tissue development
A new tissue expansion is a medical procedure that involves putting a balloon-like device (called an expander) under the skin. The expander and then slowly secretes liquid directly into the area to get repaired to actually stretch in addition to expand the skin. This specific serves the function of "growing" extra skin in order to repair local lost or damaged skin.

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