Tips That Can Help You In Reducing Food Delivery Time

The food delivery time for a restaurant is an area that just like its food quality and the efficiency of preparing the food, cannot be compromised Speed is very important, but should be like the proverb “more haste, less speed” which means sometimes you can make better progress if you do not try to do a task too quickly, but concentrate on doing it well and efficiently. 


People ordering delivered food, want it as early as possible, a delay can affect repeat sales orders and mistakes can ruin a customer’s experience of your service. 


These tips can help you reduce delivery time:


  • Online ordering: Using the latest Technology to Accept Orders such as FoodPander you can streamline your ordering system or create your restaurants own online ordering mobile website or app that automatically collects orders and places them in your preferred order for cooking and delivery. Online delivery platforms often have a star rating system that users are encouraged to give feedback on. This can give you a high quality of service rating that if maintained can help to boost your food delivery orders.


  • Cloud Telephone:Used for restaurant food delivery when the volumes are high, this service utilizes a number of different numbers and quickly transfers the caller to the next numbers until it’s received then logs and keeps track of them.


  • Clear Communications:It isimportant to take care to train all staff in the correct way to answer calls and verbally confirm orders by repeating them as well as giving clear and precise ordering options to make it easy for customers to place their orders.


  • Assigning and Tracking Orders and Deliveries: Modern delivery apps can assign orders to delivery agents and drivers so you can keep track of the whole process and individual drives performances as well as optimise routes. With dispatch times and delivery times recorded so you can optimise individual customers’ home food delivery around Melbourne.
  • Provide Great Service: Take care that all food is delivered at the optimum temperature required by using insulated food bags and dry ice were needed. People associated freshness with the correct temperature and if not, it can leave the impression it’s old or stale.


  • Package Food Correctly and Safely: Food that is delivered in a messy state or over shaken can appear unappealing and appetizing. Always use spill free containers and packaging.


  • Special Attention to Add-ons and Extras:Having a customer’s meal arriving without the specified and any requested extras can disappoint your customers and ruin their experience of your food delivery in Melbourne. You must ensure that the correct tableware napkins, condiments and extras are included with your orders.


  • The future:The changing demographics and technological advances now happening are changing the way restaurants operate. Food delivery in Melbourne has a very bright future as people are opting to stay at home rather than spend the time waiting in traffic and restaurants


Taking care to ensure your customers are receiving the very best service in the shortest possible time from your staff and any third party that you engage to get the food delivered quickly and efficiently to them is most important, to ensure you’re business prospers in the future.

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