How to Care for Your Pets

Taking good care of animals is something every animal lover should be keen about and knowing how to pet animals is part of it. You may have just adopted a new pet and you are wondering how to care for it. You may also not know how to keep pet animals. Adopting a new pet doesn’t just come with ideas on how to care for it. You wouldn’t wake up one morning and realize that you have the exact knowledge needed for taking care of your pet. It is something you learn while your pet is around. Your pet could look so lovely and furry that all you can desire is to hold it and tell it just how much you love it. But that’s not all what having a pet is about. They cannot understand you when you express how much you love them but trust me they will if you act it. You just have to go beyond those words and let your pet experience it the love you have for it. The question that should be in your mind right now is, how can I do this? You are worried about showing care to that lovely puppy or kitten and you just don’t know how to go about it. Even if you know how to go about it, you first have to understand why animals need care and what exactly pets need from their owners. Has it ever crossed your mind to research on why animals need care? Guess what! You can be more effective in taking care of your pets if you learn why animals need care from us humans.

Why Animals Need Care

Why do you need to know how to pet animals? That is because animals are living creatures and just like we have the five senses, they have them too. They can see you and everything that is around them. They can hear that sound that you make often and get familiar with it, they can smell that food right from the kitchen and they know exactly which is meant for them. They can feel. Yes, I mean feel-they can feel just how cold the weather is and would want a warm embrace or something else to keep them warm. They know exactly how their food taste like. Through these senses, animals can react to stimuli just as humans do. What we do to our animals or pets matters a lot. We can either make them sad or happy. It is not a strange thing to see tears dripping down the eyes of a puppy when it is sad. You wouldn’t like this right? It is not a good scene to keep in mind. This same animal can get so happy and starts wagging its tail. This makes us very happy. Animals need just that care one can give to their little babies at home. Humans are more powerful. Instead of believing the “might-makes-right” theory, we can use our strength and intellect to protect our animals. Now, let’s look at various ways you can care for your pet.

Keeping a Pet First Aid Kit

Pets just like humans can get hurt in emergency situations and when the veterinarian’s lab is so far that going there may instead aggravate the pet’s injury, all you need is a Fist Aid Kit for your pet at home. Though most of the items in it are for human use, they can also be used on pets.

  1. Tweezers to remove splinters, ticks or foreign materials from wounds

  2. Toenail trimmer and styptic pencil to clip torn materials and stop bleeding

  3. Scissors to cut fur and bandages

  4. Sterile eye wash to clean out debris from the eyes

  5. Vet wrap to bind dresses in place, similar to Ace bandages

  6. Tape and gauze to hold dressings in place

  7. Antiseptic wash or wash wipes to disinfect wounds

  8. Non-stick dressings for bandaging a wound

  9. Antibiotic ointment for minor wounds

  10. Exam gloves for your protection

  11. A muzzle to prevent bites while administering first aid

  12. Vet-prescribed pain relief. Do not use human pain relievers for pets. Some medications like Tylenol, are poisonous and may be fatal to pets

  13. Diphenhydramine for stings and allergic reactions. Figure out the proper dose with your vet, and make a note of it to keep with the medicine

Exercising Your Pets

Exercises are really necessary for promoting your pet’s health. Taking good care of animals entails going out for exercises like walking, playing, fetch or tug, running which are all necessary if you want to learn how to keep pet animals physically fit. Do you know you can teach your cat how to enjoy walks outdoors wearing a harness and leash? All you have to do first is to check with your veterinarian before picking up a new exercise regimen for your pets. Going out with your pets on regular basis can be a means of investing in a relationship-based training class with it. You just need to take it out for some exercises and have fun with it and provide it with mental enrichment. You can teach your dog’s so many things like nose work, “flyball” or “treiball”. If you don’t know how to do this, you don’t need to keep a sad face all day. The good news is there are people out there who are specialized in doing that. You can look for a dog trainer to do the job. Exercising your pets is exactly what pets need from you as their owner. This is one of those giant steps you have to take on learning how to keep pet animals healthy and happy all day. While out there with your dog or cat, you can play games with it. Playing games can relieve stress for you and also provides your pet with both physical and mental benefits. This also goes a long way to keep your pet occupied and prevent it from being bored. Pets can get bored at times when their owners are too busy with work and there are no children or their kind to play with. You can make out time for them and look for activities like hide and seek, fetch, to play with them. That wouldn’t kill you. It will rather give you satisfaction seeing that you are able to make your pet happy. If you are in a situation where your pet isn’t sure on how to play games, there is always a way out. You can ask someone who does reward-based training how you can teach him. Easy right? All what pets need is just training and they will be good to go.

Paying Attention to What Your Pet Likes

Caring for your pet is just the same as getting to know what it likes and what it dislikes. You can get to know this by being observant. A caring pet owner is someone who pays attention to what his pet loves or hates. You can’t say you love that kitten or puppy when you keep forcing it to do what it dislikes or you keep doing what it doesn’t like. Adopting a pet does not come with instructions on how to pet animals or how to keep pet animals. Even if you have a full knowledge on how to keep pet animals, you should know that there is always an exception to every rule and so that pet you are holding in your arms may want you to show it love in a way different from what you know already. That is why you need to be very observant when you speak to your pet. You need to observe whether or not it enjoys the activities you are asking it to participate in. It is better to let them be than make them do what they don’t want to do. This can really make them sad and you won’t like that. If your cat likes going out of the house, build it a cattery so it can enjoy outdoors comfortably and safely. If your dog likes digging, make it a sandpit out of a kiddie pool.


Having Your Pet Examined by a Veterinarian on Regular Basis


If you care so much about your pet, then his health will matter to you. Some pet owners wait for symptoms of diseases before taking their pets for checkup. It is usually said that prevention is better than cure. Constant visit to the veterinary is an opportunity to learn some tips on how to care for your pet and on what pets need from you. This advice will help prevent diseases which may come and take your pet’s life or make you spend too much money. Taking your pet for regular checkup will enable you to work on his diet. Many pet owners do not actually know what should be included or removed from the diet of their pets. We make lots of assumptions on the needs of pets. Just let the veterinarian do his job and you will be thankful later.


Feeding Your Pets

Catering for pets is much more expensive and time-consuming than adopting a new one. This is because you have to know what pets need as food and provide these needs in order that they grow healthy and happy. Inappropriate and inadequate feeding can produce clinical effects. The consumption of some houseplants can cause severe health damages in animals. An example is philodendrons and Easter lilies which have been recorded to have been the cause of kidney damage in cats. Dogs are not being left out. Their health and lives are put at risk when they are fed with poinsettias, aloe vera and begonia. Most pet owners do not know exactly the kind of food which is to be given to pets. They feed them with just any kind of stuff and later on spend money in treating them they have a problem with their health.

Most pets in industrialized cities are subjected to obesity. This is common with dogs and cats. Just like humans, overweight pets can develop diabetes, joint pain, cancer, kidney failure and liver problems.

We need to know that a good number of food is not to be consumed by dogs for example. This includes chocolate solids, grapes and raisins, milk, garlic and onion, nutmeg and macadamia nuts. These human foods are very toxic to these animals. Dogs are prone to have allergic reactions to food just as humans do. The most known symptoms of food allergies in dogs include swelling, itchy or tender skin, rashes and gastrointestinal upsets such as uncontrollable bowel movements and soft stools. Certain ingredients in dog food can elicit these allergic reactions. Specifically, the reactions are understood to be initiated by the protein ingredients in dog food, with sources such as from beef, chicken, soy, and turkey, being common causes of these allergic reactions.

It is important that every pet owner knows what taking good care of animals entails and how to keep pet animals by providing them with the right food or nutrients. This may be costly but worth fit because there is nothing as beautiful as watching your pet grow healthy and strong. It gives you the maximum satisfaction that even money cannot give you.

Keeping Pets Comfortable at Home

Are you in need of other ways to care for your cats or dogs? Then you have gotten an answer. You can show care to your pets by keeping them comfortable at home. This is exactly what pets need at home. They need to be made to feel as part of the family. As a pet owner, you have to ensure that the environment is clean enough to house your pets, especially the puppies or kittens whose health can be dealt with if they live in dirty environments. It is usually said that prevention is better than cure. Do not be that pet owner who adopts a pet, brings it home and leaves it to take care of itself alone. You can build it a nook. Unlike dogs who love to be in the midst of the people, cats love to separate themselves from the family. You just need to give it a safer hangout where it can monitor actions. That’s not much to ask. Dogs on their part enjoy cave-like beds. So, you can create a cave for your dogs to keep them comfortable at home. You can just add a fitted cozy inside which offers added warmth on cold nights.

Why Your Pet Needs Water

Humans can’t go without water. The more we drink this liquid, the more we grow healthy and strong. Animals also need water as much as we do. Do not wait for it to get thirsty first and sticks its tongue outside before you start rushing to give it water. Give it water any now and then. Tim Macwelch explains that the rule of thumb on water is one gallon per person per day. And don’t forget to add water for your animals to your emergency stash. For those with a few small creatures, Macwelch emphasizes that an extra quart or two per day should be sufficient. And for those with many pets or a few bog ones, he says they should add up the total weight of their animals and add one gallon of water per 100 pounds of pets. If giving water to animals involves a lot of calculations, it means it is very necessary for the survival of these animals.

Cuddling Goes a Long Way

Taking good care of animals is not as complicated as you think. Understanding why animals need care and knowing how to pet animals or how to keep pet animals is just what you need. Cuddling your pet’s body is just what pets need from you to show them that you care enough to caress their bodies. They need just that warm embrace and touch that a lover may desire. They just want to feel loved by their owners. There are some particular spots on their bodies if touched will make them really happy and get closer to you. Have you ever wondered why your pet seems a little away from you? It may be because you don’t cuddle them. You see it’s no big deal. Cuddling solves the matter. The question now is which part of its body can I touch and which should I keep away from.


Have you ever wondered why that dog keeps staring at you? It doesn’t just want your attention but wants you to cuddle it. It wants you to touch it and lure it to sleep just like you would do for any other baby. You can carry it into your arms, embrace it, give it a kiss and cuddle its head right to its back. Dogs love to feel special and they just want to be seen as a member of the family who also shares in the privileges of the other children or child. It wants your love. Your cuddle is a proof that you love it just the way it wants to be loved.


Cats love separating themselves from the family but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to feel loved or valued. Have you ever wondered why that kitten keeps touching your legs and wags its tale each time it does? There is one thing it wants from you and that is your love and affections. You can show it you care by cuddling it. Carry it in your arms, give it a warm embrace and cuddle its head right to its back. Cats love it that way. It tells them you care enough to do what pleases them in order to keep them happy.


They don’t really care much of what so ever you do. All they need is what you have to offer them as food. That doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy cuddling. Yes, you can touch them all over their bodies but it won’t matter much if you don’t.


They enjoy cuddling too. The scaring thing about horses is that they don’t like surprises. If you want to cuddle them, you must stand somewhere they can see you. You can touch their backs and their bottoms. Yes, that will do.


These are the softest creatures you can ever imagine. Cuddling one can be an experience you will wish never to forget.

Helping Your Pet Conquer Fears

Fears manifest itself in various ways in animals. This ranges from shutting down to retreating and then to appearing aggressive. There may come a moment when your pet starts refusing food, acting stubborn and withdraws from you. These are moments one would not wish to experience with his/her pets. The good news is we can avoid these moments by knowing just the right thing to. You can hire a behavior consultant who is certified through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. They can teach you just what you need to know about the techniques for helping your pets conquer their fears.

Pets Reproductive Control

Pets can get crazy at times if they are left to themselves. If you are not interested in breeding puppies or kittens, you can take part in spaying or neutering. If you are not interested in these measures, you can visit your veterinarian for other measures.

Nail Trimming

This may look to you an unnecessary thing to do but it is very important for the neatness of your pets at home. Overgrown nails which is common in elderly dogs can make walking very difficult for them. Long nails when broken by themselves cause a lot of pain for the pets.

Caring for pets is a loving thing to do. We must know why animals need care, what taking good care of animals entails, how to keep pets or how to pet animals and what pets need. This will help us to be successful in our caring for pets. Taking care of pets has also proven to be beneficiary to the pet owners themselves or the people around them. People residing in care facility like hospice or nursing home experience health benefits from pets. These creatures help them to cope in the emotional issues related to their illness. They offer physical contact with these elder people who have been kept where no one seems to want to visit them. They see these pets as the only living creatures they can interact with. This helps them a lot in their health conditions. Caring for pets is the best thing you can do because you will know the benefits in the long.

You can read this and make it a manual for taking care of your pets. Just having interest to read this article is an indication that you care about your pets. Not everyone has time to invest in these wonderful creatures but you do.

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