How to Make a Resume: Secrets Your Employer Won’t Tell You

Surprisingly, more than 70% of adults are seeking new jobs on a continuous basis. A great number of people are potentially ready to change their current jobs. Fierce competition in the market stimulates job seekers to polish their resume writing skills. On average, employers spend 5-10 seconds when reading resumes of potential candidates. Therefore, you need to catch and retain employers’ attention to be able to override your multiple competitors. But how to do it? This article relates to resume writing skills that may help you when applying for a new position.

Resume Formats

You can choose either chronological or functional format for your resume. The chronological format is simple and readable. This format allows you to describe your work experience and include all relevant information. It helps employers to quickly evaluate your experience and make a decision about whether your skills match the job requirements.

Functional format is popular among professional writers because it focuses on your skills rather than provides the detailed information about your past employment. According to best writing service,
potential employers don’t need the detailed information related to your previous workplaces. For example, if you apply for a position of an IT specialist your earlier employment at McDonald’s will not increase your rating in the opinion of your potential employer. So, it’s better to skip it in your resume and focus on the work experience related to your targeted position.

Resume Structure

As a rule, resume contains the following sections: contact information, objective, education history and work history. Let’s consider each section separately.

Contact Information

This part of your resume is very important because it helps the employer to contact you after they made their choice. Some useful tips:

  • There is no need to include your physical address as recruiters don’t need it;
  • Include only one phone number. In this case, an employer will be able to reach you by making one call;
  • Include a professional email address. Use your initials in it to show your professionalism. More than 70% of resumes are returned to the owner without hiring because their email addresses were named unprofessionally.

Resume Objective

In your resume objective say why a recruiter should choose you, only you and nobody else. Make it concise – 2-3 sentences are enough to explain what you expect from your future position. Explain your motivation when applying for this job, including relevant experience and skills when explaining “why.”

Education History


In this section include the most recent degree you obtained. Add information about high school if you earned a bachelor’s degree. Include relevant school achievements and list your trophies to impress your potential employer.


Work History


Sometimes work history can be either too long or too short. If you have vast work experience, include only the positions that can help you obtain a job you’re applying for. Young graduates may choose the functional resume format to focus on skills rather than work experience as they may not have any.


Useful Tips


Some tips to make an awesome resume to attract the attention of potential employers:

·        Don’t lie about your skills and experience.

·        Don’t be too shy or too pushy.

·        Don’t use clichés, such as punctual, creative, responsible, etc. Employers already expect you to show these skills.

·        Recruiters like to see the following skills in potential employees: leadership, sociability, abilities to learn quickly and work in the team, excellent time-management skill, innovative, excellent research skills, critical thinking, and computer skills. Don’t list all these skills. Just choose those which describe your personality best.

·        Don’t add your photo to resume unless you are asked to do it. More than 80% of candidates who included photos to their resumes were rejected.

·        Use infographics and charts to make your resume more informative.

·        Use colorful pictures for better perception.

·        Use online resume builders.


Now you know how to improve the quality of your resume. We hope you will use our tips and get hired for your dream job. 

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