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Welcome to The Herbal Coast. We have been part of a community that has been working towards legalizing medicinal cannabis for over 15 years. Our motto is “Be part of the solution.” We are also very proud to say that we have been running two storefront dispensaries in the Vancouver area for the last three years, without running into any legal issues or closures. That says a lot about our business practices.

We believe that anyone who needs access to their medicines should not be afraid to get it for any reason…whether it be the law, accessibility, physical disabilities, anxiety or social stigma. Our goal is to provide high-quality medicines to our patients in the convenience and comfort of their homes, FAST. We offer various price ranges of quality cannabis products to cater to all customers, plus the accessories needed to use them. canada marijuana for sale we are your cannabis one-stop shop.

No more are the days of buying your medicine from dark alleys, leaving uncertain of your purchase, and the possibility of putting yourself at harm. Now you can sit in the comfort and peace of your home with and know that you, the patient, are our priority.

Welcome to The Herbal Coast family.

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As marijuana becomes more popular, and best of all, legal, there are more ways than ever to access your favourite products. Gone are the days of searching for someone that has marijuana to sell and meeting them on a street corner to make an exchange or transaction. In are the days of dispensaries on every corner and even mail order marijuana or mail order weed.

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Online cannabis store shopping has never been so fun and exciting. There are so many options and you basically can find anything you want. And when we say anything, believe me, it is anything you want. From dry herb, to shatter, to CBD, to vape pens, to edibles, to whatever you are looking for. At we have an ample special selection catered for you. Just keep your eyes open and buy from a legit online store where you know you are getting quality cannabis products. And if you like deals, then buying cannabis online are the best way to find weeds related deals

Canada is huge, we get it. Yes, it is the second biggest country in the world and the downside of this fact is that some folks might live far away for any dispensary. Having the option to not have to drive or use public transportation to buy weed it is a big positive for people from rural and remote areas where they still have access to the internet, but there is not a dispensary available. An online cannabis store and having cannabis delivered might be their only option. And is your best option!

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HerbalCoast variable battery USB charger. This is a must have for vapers using our HerbalCoast refills or any other cannabis refills in general. This 510 standard threaded battery is perfect for the vaping connoisseur.

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