Congratulations On Your Engagement!

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You’re engaged! What now?

First off, congratulations. How exciting!? With the New Year right around the corner, getting together a plan of action is the key to staying organized and on top of your wedding planning. We’ve taken some time to lay out five key points to get you in the planning mood.

1. Share the news!
Shout it from the rooftops! Scream it in the park! Whatever you need to do! Let your friends and family know first, ideally in person. You can call, send an e-card, or make a cute Facebook announcement and get this excitement off your chest!

2. Get organized!
Grab a cute planner at Michael’s or order one online! A great organization system will help hold all your fabulous ideas and important documents! We are loving this one from Future Mrs Planner.


3. Set your budget.
This part is absolutely essential. You need to set realistic expectations off the bat, and your budget may determine your wedding date or venue. It also gives you time to start saving ASAP. Here is a great site to help you budget A Practical Wedding.

4. Set a date and book a venue!
This one is a little obvious, but not always easy if you already have a dream venue in mind. If you don’t care where you get hitched, find a venue that is open on your wedding date, fits your budget, and lock it down. Some wedding venues book 1.5 – 2 years out, so snagging your dream venue should be on the top of your list.


5. Dream a little.
You’ve set your budget, and you’ve been realistic in your expectations and decor choices; now, there isn’t anything wrong with dreaming a little! This is the fun part! Get on Pinterest and make an inspiration board. This board can help you see what color scheme you are leaning towards, and help you narrow down a concept for your wedding. Check out our Pinterest Board for photo booth ideas!

This list certainly isn’t exhaustive. It’s just the tip of your wedding planning iceberg. Hopefully, it gets you inspired to dive in and get started!

One unique aspect of Canopy Creek's beautiful barn is the awesome loft located in the back of the venue. The loft is a intimate area where guests can have a great view of  the entire party.  The loft also makes a great spot for any addition entertainment such as a photo booth where your guests can get silly with photo booth props!  

Canopy Creek Farm is one of Dayton's most popular and honorable venues. Located on the outskirts of Miamisburg, Ohio, this rustic-themed venue, with its simple elegance, is something that all guests will remember. Canopy Creek gives its hosts both an indoor and an outdoor atmosphere. This allows a great option for that borderline party planner that wants the best of both worlds.

Next week, we will have a downloadable wedding checklist to further aid you in the planning process!
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