Why You Should Transcribe Conferences

Transcribing recordings of business meetings, conferences, seminars, focus groups, police reports etc. is a time-consuming job. And the increasing popularity of electronic record transferring and record keeping gave way for business transcription to expand its horizons into outsourcing services. Apart from providing cost-effective solutions, it is projected as generating recession -proof opportunities and most importantly, encouraging the next generation workforce to explore the world of transcriptions.

Focus group transcription is rapidly becoming a necessity for conference organizers. The advantages of focus group transcription are not insignificant. As the benefits of transcription are becoming increasingly well-known, transcription has begun to change the way that businesses do business, from their clients to their employees.

Though, it’s hectic enough trying to organize a conference, let alone squeeze in the time for transcription. Here is a list of reasons why you should transcribe conferences, and how to get them transcribed quickly.

Why Should I Transcribe? 
Transcription is important for a number of reasons, specifically as it relates to conferences in large auditoriums with a number of speakers. Sometimes, with the overlap, employees can’t get all the information they need. In addition to this, audio files are cumbersome. With a transcription, attendees can look up something they missed by a speaker and by time, as long as it’s time-stamped.

Additionally, the written content is more readily redistributed than audio content alone. Written content will be pulled up in free search engines as long as your SEO is on point, which means more traffic to your website. Also, short audio files with accompanying text allow for easy editing when it comes to the press.

How Do I Get Started? 
Now, that you’re aware of at least some of the many benefits of transcription, it’s time for a crash course in how to go about having a conference transcribed without putting a strain on the finite resources of your event staff. It’s actually not that complicated.

Two weeks prior to the event, have a meeting with your audio-visual provider and your transcription partner. You shouldn’t need much longer than this. If it is geographically impossible to have a meeting with both of them, confer with both, and they will hook up with each other via phone or e-mail before the event.

In their communications, they will do the heavy-lifting, hammering out the details in regards to file delivery and file type. Additionally, the audio-visual coordinator will remove or clean up fragments of audio or video that did not come out as clean as they should have. What you have in the end is a verbatim transcription (verbatim transcriptions are used when two or more speakers can be heard), and two weeks that you won’t need to worry about it.

In order to get the best quality transcription of the records, those that are taking part in the conference should clearly identify them each time they speak and they should speak clearly and slowly. These days, many transcription companies are using cutting-edge equipments to provide digital sound, which makes the recording of such meeting a lot easier to produce. The reason why they use digital recordings for meetings is that the sound quality is considerably better than what you would find with taped recordings. If possible, make a digital recording to get clear sound instead of recording on cassette tapes.

Question and answer sessions are often tricky because of the range of different voices involved. The important thing in conference recording is that if you are going to have questions from the audience, you will really need ‘roaming microphones’ that can be carried around the audience, so that questions are actually audible on the recordings. You will also need a good conference-recording set-up so that your main speakers are clearly heard and if you have a panel question session, then you will also need separate microphones for each member of the panel.

Article originally published at GMR Transcription blog. 

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