Kitchen Utensils For Salad Preparation And 3 Quick Salad Recipes

People make different type of salads to add delicacy to a meal. Making a vegetable salad is not hard and you can use commonly available vegetables to make salads. But if you use a good popular salad recipe to prepare that will help you make your meal more enjoyable. People use kitchen utensils and a salad bowl to prepare salads. If you are searching for the salad recipe, you should read this post carefully. On the next paragraphs I am going to discuss three common methods of salad preparation using wooden salad bowls and kitchen utensils. I will make a list of vegetable and ingredients of salad to help you learn the process effectively.

Common Materials for Salad Preparation

You will find some common material for salad preparation. Salad bowl, kitchen utensils, salad ingredients are some common equipment that people use to make a salad. Wooden salad bowl and plastic salad bowl are two common types of salad bowl that people use to make salad. Before we share salad recipe, you should collect a salad bowl that will help you preparing the salad. I suggest using the wooden bowl as this is large enough to accomodate your salad materials together. You will find two types of wooden salad, one is pre-finished or varnished and another is hand finished. You have to pick the perfect one depending on your necessity.

You need kitchen utensils that hold different types of kitchen appliances like a spoon, cutlery, small knife and other cutting equipment. Using this you can easily cut and mix your salad ingredients. This will ensure a comfortable and effective mix of the vegetables. You will find various type of kitchen utensils like kitchen utensils and eating utensils. They use for the different purpose, but the use is almost the same. You can pick utensils for your kitchen and use it to make a salad. I will discuss three different salad recipe and preparation process to help you learn the salad making process.

American Salad Recipe:

You need some common ingredients like Mayonnaise, 2lbs diced potatoes, 2 diced apples, 2 sticks celery and 1 lb fried eggs to prepare the recipe. You have to arrange the ingredients before you start your salad making process. You need a salad bowl to mix the salad. I recommend using a wooden salad bowl to use. To get some nice wooden salad bowls this post is recommended you read. This will help you to prepare the salad easily and effectively. You need knives and a spoon to mix the salad.

Preparation Method:

You have to boil the potatoes and make it soft. Remove it from the boiling water and make it cool. You have to mesh it up using potato mixer. Then add mayonnaise, eggs, celery, and apples on it. You have to mix it appropriately and serve it on lettuce leaves. I mentioned the amount and material list above. You have to increase the ratio of ingredients when you prepare a large amount of salad. This will help you prepare the salad maintaining the taste properly.

Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe:

Making chicken caesar salad need more ingredients than American Salad. Also, this salad is tastier and most of the people love this salad. You need some ingredients to prepare chicken caesar salad. I will list them below for your help. You have to arrange this ingredient to make the salad tasty. I will tell the salad preparation method as well.

  • 1 Chicken Breast
  • 1 egg
  • Fried Bread
  • Oil
  • Vinegar
  • 1 lettuce
  • 1 tomato
  • 4 anchovies
  • salt and pepper
  • Lemon juice
  • 1 clove garlic
  • Worcestershire sauce

Preparation Method:

You have to cut lettuce leaves, tomato, 3 chopped anchovies and fried bread together. then you have to cook the chicken using oil in a pan. Then hardboil the egg properly and your next duty is preparing the sauce. Mix the lemon juice, oil, and vinegar together. This will help you make the sauce ready. Then crush the garlic, add some Worcestershire, add anchovy on it and mix pepper and salt. Mix the lemon juice mix, oil and vinegar together with whisked egg. After making the salad, you have to drizzle the sauce on the top of your salad.

Cold Tuna Salad Recipe

Cold tuna salad is another popular salad type that people make at home and restaurant. Making cold tuna salad is easy, but you need some material to prepare. Alike other salads, you can make it in a wooden salad bowl. You need 1 cup of tuna fish, mayonnaise, soya sauce, lemon, powdered curry, onion, and spinach leaf to prepare tuna salad.

Preparation Method:

Making the tuna salad is not hard enough. You just need to mix all the ingredients considering the taste. Then you can serve it in lettuce leaves or spinach leaves. It's a healthy salad and very tasty to eat.

Final Words: Salad making is an art and people makes it every day in any form at home and restaurant as well. You can use equipment like kitchen utensils and wooden salad bowl to prepare salad easily. I listed a few common recipes that will help you making salad effortlessly. Hope you enjoy your experience.

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