How Android and iOS Are Different in App Development?

Smart phones are rapidly replacing PCs as the medium to access the Internet. This device has also proven its effectiveness in the business sector by helping business owners in simplifying the majority of business related tasks. However, smart phones, tables or laptops, all are completely ineffective with apps in them. The rise of smart phone usage by the business owners made them look for industry specific apps. This helped a number of enterprise app development companies flourish in every corner of the world. These companies as well as independent app developers created a whole world of apps for all mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows mobiles, BlackBerry and many others.

Among all of them, Google Android and Apple iOS are the two most popular platforms of which, Android is the best and the most popular. According to current stats from Wikipedia, more than 71 percent app developers from across the globe prefer Android as their app development platform. Android gets the toughest competition from Apple's iOS. Developing Apps on Android platform is completely different from developing for iOS platform. When it comes to developing apps for enterprises, no doubt Apple iOS is the most preferred and the best but here too, Android does not lag behind. Android's popularity is due to it being an open source platform and this very fact makes it easier for app developers to develop enterprise apps. This is also the prime reason behind business owners looking more towards Android for developing their enterprise apps. The SDK makes the OS support application development, its quick and effortless implementation. This feature further encourages business owners to opt Android SDK platform for developing their enterprise apps. This open source OS gives business owners, an open-source development platform to develop robust enterprise apps and use it as a catalyst for their business's growth.

However, with so many advantages and benefits to offer to the business owners, Android has few stipulations as well. But these stipulations can be easily discarded if business owners hire experienced app development companies to get their apps developed. With strategic planning and systematic approach towards the process, app developers make sure that none of the cons of Android could affect the outcome. Business owners should be extra vigilant when looking for an app development company to develop their enterprise app. Before finalizing any company, they should make sure that the company has clearly understood their basic motive behind adopting enterprise mobility, app's targeted customers and target niche.

One of the biggest stipulations with the Android platform is its security. Android has always been the first name to flash in the thoughts when discussing about the safety of enterprise apps. Last year, a report revealed that Android is the easiest target for malware and hackers. The security of the Android platform is easiest to breach and there are no such influential security measures to prevent hackers from accessing the entire data.

Another negative issue related to Android is that this operating system is updated every now and then. But users and developers have no fixed channels to study about the updates and adopt them in their app development strategies. On the other hand, the Apple app developer community need not do anything other than logging into Apple's official website to get all the vital information and the latest news about its updates.

Despite all this, Android continues to rule over the minds of entrepreneurs. Its ease of app development and the vast developer community have contributed a lot in increasing the percentage of its usage across the world.

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