What treatment is there for spinal pain?

The column is the pillar of the human body whose modification enabled the first hominids to walk upright and whose health depends on what can still be done today. In the face of the pain generated by spinal diseases, we complain and stoop, but do we know what they are and what pains they cause?

The analysis of spinal diseases has led to a scientific compendium "Spinal Surgery", whose intention is "to raise awareness of the high level of specialists in spine and spinal cord," says the professor of the Autonomous University.

The conclusions of the collaboration of the 136 specialists who have participated in the analysis of diseases of the spine, reach patients through the new technology of the operating rooms and through learning with the deceased, which allows to increase the certainty and reduce scars by minimally invasive surgery. If you’re a Malaysian, you should know where is the Spine and Joint Center Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Pathologies of the spine

Within each of the forms that a disease related to the spine can adopt, surgery is established as the last resort, since it is first expected that nature will regenerate and then conservative measures are carried out with specific care or antibiotics.

However, the best way to not reach this point is common sense since "if you take care of the column as a young person, it will last longer," explains Dr. Garcia de Sola.

Surgery is the last step, but do not get too late," he warns.

Malformative pathologies. While the fetus develops in the uterus of the mother, congenital problems can occur that lead to an abnormal curvature of the spine, which is called scoliosis.

The second most common malformation is known as spondylolisthesis, which are those pains that occur when a vertebra slides with respect to the one below, trapping the nerves inside the vertebrae.

Degenerative pathologies Joint wear and tear due to age can reduce the separation between the bones of the spine, trapping nerves and causing severe pain. This ailment is what is called lumbar stenosis or spinal osteoarthritis.

Within degenerative processes, one of the most well-known pathologies is the so-called disc hernia, which occurs when a sponge is broken that allows the movement of one vertebra over the other. This rupture causes said sponge to move with respect to its initial position, generating a strong pain when pressing the nerve of the cord.

Traumatic pathologies. When a fracture occurs as a result of a trauma, fruit especially of traffic accidents, the bone that undergoes the impact generates a greater pressure on the cord.

In these cases it is usual to resort to surgery to remove the bone that compresses the spinal cord, align the spine and fix it with the intention of re-releasing the crushed medulla.

Tumor pathologies. Within bone tumors, the metastasis or expansion of a primitive tumor stands out, which can generate a compression of the medulla or weaken the musculature that supports the spine, causing spontaneous fractures.

It can also generate tumors within the medulla, known as intramedullary, whose difficulty is addressed today by the high technology of the operating rooms, which allow the removal of the tumor while controlling spinal function.

The social impact of pain

Diseases of the spine are usually very visible due to the physical suffering they cause and the abnormal posture of the sufferer. Nowadays, medical advances allow us to control these pains through different techniques:

  • Through infiltrations in the epidural space, between the bone and the dura
  • By injecting a derivative of morphine into the hard mother.
  • By implanting electrodes between the envelope and the back of the cord, they give information to the brain making the pain much more bearable.

The control or elimination of these pathologies through surgery allows patients to develop a degree of independence that would not be possible without medical intervention.

This aspect is fundamental in the elderly since, as Dr. Garcia de Sola explains, "80-year-olds live alone and want to go to the supermarket every day, so if something hurts something they stay at home, but if they operate they can remain independent."

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