Shipping to Indonesia?? Here are customs regulations you should know

If you are planning to buy products from abroad and get them shipped to Indonesia, it’s important to know the customs rules and regulations thoroughly. You don’t want to risk getting your package sent back, rejected or charged with heavy import duties. Indonesia has many detailed customs regulations and requirements that you need to be aware to avoid delayed shipments and expensive mistakes.

Here are Custom Regulations -

  • Customs in Indonesia is quite stringent. Some of the items in the prohibited list are furs, ivory, asbestos, precious metals, and stones or gambling objects.
  • All electronics products should have had at least one year of usage, otherwise, they are subject to duties.
  • Proper paperwork at the time of shipping is extremely important to authenticate the product and prevent delays. Without the supporting documents, a shipment will either have to be re-exported or are destroyed or sold by Customs.
  • You should choose the products based not only on Indonesian customs requirements but also on practical factors.
  • You still can’t ship perishable food products or items that are likely to melt or get damaged.
  • It is also advisable to refrain from getting fragile objects shipped to Indonesia as they can easily get damaged in transit or at customs.
  • Although the Indonesian customs doesn’t usually inspect the contents of every parcel, they conduct random checks.
  • They are more careful about shipments whose declared values are over $100 USD. Another factor that can trigger an inspection is the appearance of the package.
  • Suspicious-looking parcels, large packages containing only small items or packages that don’t comply with their security requirements are likely to be opened up and checked.
  • According to a new regulation in 2017, there are three clearance categories now, depending on the value of the shipment
  • Shipments with values within USD 100; shipments with values over USD 100 but not more than USD 1,500; and shipments with values more than USD 1,500.
  • Gifts over a certain value are also taxable. In case the value of the package is greater than USD 100, duty tax is applied to the full value of the package.
  • The approximate time needed for Customs Clearance after arrival is usually 5-8 working days for air shipments and 11-14 working days for sea shipments.
  • The whole process of filing the paperwork, packaging the product properly, shipping it, getting customs clearance, and local delivery within Indonesia can take anywhere between four weeks to four months.

Now that you have an idea about the Customs requirements in Indonesia, you can choose your products accordingly and avoid going through security hassles. Although, these regulations may change with time.

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