Vaping For Beginners - How to Use Arizer Solo Vaporizer

Got the brand-new Arizer Solo or planning to buy it? Sounds great, but do you know how to use it? Don’t freak out, below we will discuss how to use Arizer Soloto make the most of your vaping sessions.

Stage 1: Turn On the Unit

To turn on the Arizer Solo vaporizer, you need to press both the up for a couple of moments. It will beep once and after that start to warm up. The sound capacity can be turned on and off by switching on the unit and pressing down the up button for roughly 3 seconds.

Stage 2: Read Instructions Carefully & Follow Them

The Solo vaporizer accompanies two different tubes: one twisted and one straight. In case this is your first time utilizing the Solo, you may find that the tube doesn't fit. This isn't on account of its too big size, but since the unit is new, you should "break in" the seal first. You can do it by heating the unit to its max temperature. Straight out of the container, we prescribe heating the unit for no less than 7 minutes to consume off any deposit left from assembling.

Once done, take your tube, and adjust it straight and embed it into the seal. You need to do it only once and that’s it. The glass tubes are handmade, and some fluctuate in the measure. Having a tube fit too cozily or too free does not help in vaping. You need to evacuate the tube and after that shut it down to let it cool and get ready for the subsequent stage.

Stage 3: Set a Temperature

The Arizer Solo vaporizer has temperature settings ranging from 50C/ 122F (Level 1) to 210C/ 410F (Level 7). Finding your ideal temperature range involves your taste and preferences. A higher temperature would create a thicker vapor, while a lower temp setting will produce a lighter vapor. Anytime when you get a thick cloud, or if your item starts burning, make sure to lower down the temperature to guarantee you are vaping and not smoking. You will locate that dry herbs have a lower vaping temperature, and oils & concentrations have a higher temperature.



Stage 4: Load the Chamber

Take one of the Solo tubes and pack it with the ground herb or material of your choice. It is required that you crush the material before filling to guarantee even surface region; however, make sure not to grind the herb too finely like a powder either. Doing so will keep the item from falling through the tube, and also not falling in the unit itself. Along these lines, you won’t need to clean the gadget that regularly.

All you need to do is just pack the bowl, but ensure you do not pack it too firmly to allow airflow. When the Arizer Solo vaporizer reaches the desired temperature, flip around the unit, and embed the pressed tube inside, so the material does not drop out. Now turn it over and move on to the next stage.

Stage 5: Start Using

Still wondering how to use Arizer Solo? Wait for a few seconds and afterward start to gradually breathe in and enjoy quality vapors. Breathing in slowly keeps up a decent vapor temperature, as well as keeps your material from getting maneuvered into the tube. You may need to adjust the temperature, turning it down as you complete the bowl.

Stage 6: Closing

When you are done, turn off the vape and make sure to flip it around to pull the tube out. Keep in mind the tube, and the heating chamber will be hot right after use. So it is suggested that you clean it after it cools down to cut off on future cleaning. You can do it using a pipe cleaner or a Q-Tip.

So these were some steps on how to use Arizer Solovaporizer for beginners. You can visit To The Cloud Vapor Store to find more interesting info on vaporizers.


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