What are the Best Reasons to Invest in Kotak Multicap Fund?

Multicap funds have always been an essential part of a good investment plan. The experts have been pressing on the idea of adding variety to the portfolio for a long time, and multicap funds fulfil this need of adding variety through a single fund. As a result, the number of multi cap mutual funds have increased manifold in the last five years, expanding the range of investment options available to the investors.


Kotak Standard Multicap Fund is one of the best multicap funds in India at the moment. Known previously as Kotak Select Focus Fund, it made a shift from the small cap category to the multicap category, thus expanding the range of investors that can subscribe to this fund. There are several interesting facts that make investing in Kotak Standard Multicap Fund (G) a promising bet for the future growth. Some of the most riveting points have been jotted down in the article below. Skim through these points and absorb the details that will help you greatly in making a superb plan attuned to your needs.


A Brief Sketch


Kotak Multicap Fund, now a multicap fund, was a high performing small cap fund which was famous by its then name, Kotak Select Focus Fund. It was launched in 2009 by one of the largest asset management companies in India Kotak Mutual Fund. The fund is soon to become a decade old in the market, and has established itself as one of the finest options for the Indian investors.


What the Fund Seeks?


Kotak Standard Multicap Fund – Regular Plan (G) is a pure equity fund, with its assets being invested in the equity and related instruments to the tune of 93.38%. With this heavy allotment on equity, the fund’s primary objective is to earn high amount of returns and achieve capital appreciation in the long run. The fund has a closely-knit investment strategy that involves a variety of stocks which boost the wealth creation process of the fund.


How the Portfolio Has Been Built?


The portfolio of Kotak Standard Multicap Fund (Growth) consists of a string of instruments that range from giant cap stocks to small cap stocks in a discrete proportion. The stocks belong to some of the most successful and promising companies that ensure good growth rate in the long run. The following chart will enumerate the allocation of the assets into different stocks: -

As you can see in the above table, the asset allocation has been discretely comprising of different stocks in varied proportions. The giant cap stocks are highly weighted with 62.21% asset allocation, whereas the small cap stocks have the minimum weight sitting at just 1.60%. Further, the large and mid-cap stocks are somewhat in equal proportions with weights around 17-18%. Such a diverse range of stocks ensures better grip of the fund in the market, plus infuses tolerance power to take the market blows.


What were the Past Results?


In the past, Kotak Standard Multicap Fund (Growth) has performed decently well. The returns it earned are within the top three returns in the category of multicap funds in India, with an average of 23.56% in the last five years. The fund has been progressing greatly in the past one and a half years, where it has overtaken the benchmark and set new records in the market.


How Prolific is the Fund Management?


Speaking of the fund management, Kotak Standard Multicap Fund – Regular Plan (G) homes one of the best fund management teams in India. It has been able to keep the turnover ratio at a meagre level of 15%, whereas in other poorly devised funds the ratio exceeds 100%. Hence, the team handling the fund is excellent, as evident from the low turnover ratio and a good mix of various stocks.

So, if you are planning to make investment in mutual funds, do consider Kotak Standard Multicap Fund in your plan. Adding it to your cart will certainly add mileage to your investment plan.

The article written above contains many crucial points about investing in Kotak Standard Multicap Fund. If planned well, a person can achieve all his objectives through this fund and earn good amount of returns in the long run. To achieve the best results, planning shall be made at least for 3-5 years.



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