Tenant Traveller evictions - Need to You Hire a Lawyer to Stand for You When Evicting a Tenant


Sometimes, tenants cause problems. While every property owner desires that each of her renters will conform to the guidelines, pay their lease in regular basis and not hassle others, problem renters can make their life a headache. When this happens, a landlord has a few different options. Most landlords usually speak to the tenant in question in the hopes of encouraging a change in the unacceptable behavior. But, when that's no longer a viable solution, more drastic measures may be required. Evicting tenants is never pleasant, but it may be necessary.

Every landlord will go through the process of evicting a tenant. The more properties you own the more frequent you will be visiting the courthouse to handle a traveller eviction. Most landlords will try to save money by attending the court date themselves. The issue is whether or not this is the best use of their cash and their time.

Best Use of Your Time

Attending court is a time consuming process. As a landlord you have to count the time to drive to the courthouse, time spent in court until your case is heard and then the time spent to drive home after the court case is over. In my county it is not unusual for traveller eviction cases to take over 4 hours before the case is resolved. I have seen the court be so full of cases that they will actually reschedule some cases to the next day since they do not have enough time to cover all of the cases.

If you have a full time job then you will probably be forced to take your vacation time in order to attend court. It may be more cost effective to actually hire an attorney to handle the case instead of you wasting your time at the courthouse.

Knowledge of the Law

Landlords will eventually rent to a person that is known as a "professional" renter. These tenants are well versed in the landlord tenant laws and will use this to their advantage to stay in your investment property without paying rent. Most landlords are not familiar with the laws and will sometimes do something that will run afoul of the law. These tenants will jump at the opportunity to take their landlord to court for these violations. Even if you have not violated the law, they will try to make false claims in order to win the court case.

A lawyer is well trained in the law and is aware of the different tricks that tenants will attempt to perform to win a court case. This will prevent your tenants from winning a court case by trying to game the system.

Where I live I have an attorney that charges only $60 per court case. When you consider a court case can take 5 hours, this is a better use of my time to hire an attorney. Every time a tenant has tried to counter sue me during a traveller eviction, my attorney has been successful in having their charge dismissed. As a landlord you should consider hiring an attorney to represent you in a traveller eviction case.

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