5 Reasons Why Java Should be Used More by Small Businesses

Java, at present, is being used extensively by small businesses around the world, as compared to several other frontline programming languages such as Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python, C#, and C. Recent stats released by TIOBE Programming Community Index reveal the phenomenal rise in the popularity of Java amongst both small businesses and large enterprises.

It’s a general tendency that startups and SMBs go with open source technologies for generating higher returns by limiting the overall project overheads.

Unlike several other programming languages, Java is not completely open source. However, it allows businesses to achieve more in terms of revenue by launching feature-rich, intuitive and modern applications within a short duration.

In addition, there are several other reasons why numerous small businesses and startups must prefer Java over any other open source programming language, let’s have a quick roundup:

1. General purpose programming

Java is a core general purpose programming language.

Java can be used for developing a desktop GUI application, and can also be used as a server-side programming language for developing web applications and websites. In addition, Google recommends that Android developers must prefer Java for writing mobile applications.

Therefore it’s a win-win situation for small businesses to develop an array of applications using the competence of their in-house Java programmers.

2. Completely object-oriented

Right from the scratch, Java has been designed as a class-based and object-oriented language. It helps programmers execute various tasks by building and manipulating objects.

Java’s object-oriented nature further comes handy for programmers to write modular programs as well as reusable code.

In addition, the functionality of Java programming language can also be extended by loading specific classes. What’s more! Programs written in Java can extend themselves by loading new classes over a network.

3. An ideal choice for building mission-critical applications

In the present scenario, a large number of mission-critical financial apps are developed in Java; and therefore, it gets easier for small businesses to deliver superlative customer satisfaction through custom software development.

However, several developers find it extremely easy to code, compile and debug apps in Java as compared to other leading programming platforms.

Consequently, it gets easier for developers to build custom applications as per specific business requirements of their clients within a short period of time.

4. Platform independent

Unlike other leading programming languages, Java is completely platform-independent at the source and at the binary levels, too. In Java, applications are compiled in bytecode; and therefore, it gets easier for the programmers to write the code once and implement the same across different platforms.

Bytecode helps programmers migrate Java application from one system to the other without much trouble.

In addition, Java developers can make the most of bytecode for making applications coded in Java to run successfully across different platforms and devices that support the Java platform.

5. Distributed computing support

Similar to giant enterprises, startups, as well as small businesses, are now working with multiple computer systems connected to a network. Therefore, they require applications having rich networking capabilities and can work effectively in distributed environments.

Java has been designed with extensive capabilities for distributed computing.

Developers can also use Java for creating network programs that can effectively send and receive data from a file across a network.

Along with these top 5 reasons, there are several more benefits such as multithreading support and robust security features that prompt the use of Java by small business owners. A Java application development company can cater to various specific business needs of a client in a stipulated amount of time through its extended capabilities.

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