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Jamaican ginger beer is served at outdoor gatherings traditionally. The beer is great for a summer gathering or party. In the recipe below, I have provided all the quantities required for making a single gallon of jamaican beer. Even though you want to prepare more than one gallon, this guide is good for you because either way the method used is the same.

Think of this as the best kind of bee that you can provide to your visitors at a party. Prepare this beer and serve it at your party or gathering and nobody at your party will bother with the ordinary soda pop. At least, that has been what I have experienced.

The amount of sugar you use is about 2 tablespoons per every cup. You can substitute the sugar for xylitol or erythritol and bring the carbohydrates count down significantly. You can also experiment by using less sugar. Get to know what works for you well. I wouldn't not advise you to use saccharine as a sweetener here.

I've experimented and tried to mix the beer with Jamaican rum, but the rum was a bit of a washout. The molasses flavor of rum drowned the brilliance of the ginger in the beer. If you want to mix the beer with some alcohol, I would highly recommend that you use clear rum.

After trying mixing the jamaican ginger beer with different, I actually do not think that this bee is meant to be mixed with rum. I think jamaican ginger beer is supposed to be drank just the way it is, all you have to do is ferment it to a mildly alcoholic beverage. Jamaican ginger bee is the drink, it's not meant as a mixer for another drink.

The recipe for one gallon

The Ingredients

1 pound fresh ginger root
Two cups sugar
Half a cup lime juice
Half a teaspoon rum extract (this is optional)
One teaspoon of vanilla
Three quarts of water
Four freezer trays ice
One gallon pitcher
A big pot
A grater
Cups for measuring

Fill your bowl (for one gallon) with water. Submerge the ginger with the skin on and scrub to clean with your fingers. Drain the water.

Chop the ginger into small pieces that your grater or food processor handl. I.e One or two inches each. This part of the procedure should take very few minutes. As you continue, discard any decayed parts that you might come across.

Use the grater or food processor to grind up the ginger in batches. Place the ginger and any resulting juice from the process in a pot. (A five to six quart pot will be fine)

Add about 2 quarts of cool water to the pot.

Bring the two to boil. The turn off the heat and let cool . This process might take a few hours. You will get more of the ginger flavor with longer steeping time. Squeezing and straining the ginger will be very much easier once everything is cool.

Meanwhile, mix about one quart of sugar in a saucepan with 2 cups of water. Make a sugar syrup by bringing the mixture of water and sugar to boil while stirring.

When the ginger water is has cooled down, strain the ginger into the mixing bowl. You can also squeeze so as to get more flavorful liquid out. If the ginger is still very hot to handle, wear clean rubber gloves.

Mix the sugar syrup with the ginger in your pitcher. Stir in the lime juice and vanilla.

Adjust the flavours of your final product as desired. Add ice and cold water to fill the container.

Ginger sediment may settle at the bottom, so stir before servings.

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