Can You Get Rid Of Cellulite?

Cellulite is the bumpy fat that occurs on several areas of our bodies, especially the thighs, hips, and
buttocks. Women tend to have more cellulite than men have due to the frequent changing
hormone levels in the female body. Having cellulite is embarrassing when women want to wear
revealing clothing, and while exercising and dieting can help to reduce cellulite, it is still difficult to
get rid of without special techniques.

We Can Reduce Cellulite Without Surgery

Fortunately, there are new treatments for getting rid of our unattractive cellulite, so by visiting a
medical spa or cosmetic surgeon, women can eliminate this fat. When we want to learn more about
getting rid of cellulite, it is important to conduct research by contacting the experts who perform
the modern procedures of micro needling or SmoothShapes. We can reduce our cellulite by
using one or both of these techniques without surgery.

At Kerin MedSpa & Laser Center, we also have a minimally invasive surgical option called Cellulaze.  This procedure provides permanent results and is very effective at treating cellulite.  You can learn more by visiting our medspa website at Cellulaze Minimally Invasive Treatment

What Is SmoothShapes XV?

SmoothShapes XV is the trademarked process of using a cool laser to stimulate the cellulite cells.
By breaking apart the outer coverings of the cellulite cells and applying a vacuuming or suctioning
device against the skin, we can see a change in the ugly rippled fat on our bodies. An aesthetician
or physician understands where to aim the laser’s light to stimulate the cellulite’s fat cells, and the
vacuum equipment will massage the fat so that it is absorbed by the lower levels of our body’s
tissue. This form of body contouring is noninvasive, and it is not painful, but we must undergo at
least four treatments several weeks apart to see any results. The side effects from this treatment
can include some skin redness, so we should plan to cover the treated area after visiting the
medical spa or physician’s office.

Microneedle Treatments For Cellulite

Women can also undergo microneedle treatments for cellulite, and this procedure requires the use
of numerous sharp needles that are inserted into the skin and cellulite. The physician will insert the
sterilized needles into our fatty thighs, buttocks or hips repeatedly to stimulate the production of
natural collagen. This substance is in our bodies to create smooth and supple skin that looks
youthful, but the amount of collagen in our skin tends to decline through the natural aging process.
Within two to three days of a microneedle treatment for the elimination of cellulite, our bodies
begin to produce more collagen to heal the tiny puncture wounds from the sharp needles. The
punctures will heal in four weeks or less, and during this time, the cellulite is also reduced.

Can We Have Both Types Of Treatments For Cellulite Reduction?

It is possible to have both types of cellulite reduction treatments on our bodies at different times,
and a physician may suggest using one type of procedure in one area of the body while using the
other treatment on a different area of the body.

If you would like a complimentary personal consultation with me at Kerin MedSpa & Laser Center, please feel free to call us at 914-793-0996.  Once we have established your goals, we can determine which treatments are best for your condition.


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