Rising Trends and Career Chances in Data Analytics

You have worked really hard to achieve the "degree of your dreams". With a solid CFA degree in your possession, you begin searching for your dream role. It is a competitive world (different from your college days) out there. And you have a few choices like (Financial Advisor, Investment Banker, Portfolio Manager, Research Analyst, Risk Manager, Corporate Financial Analyst, Forex Business Analyst etc.) however so do the employers. In a global economy, your competition extends beyond your geographical region and the question becomes one of differentiation. Next time you look at your peers, ask yourself - how am I different? This goes beyond your grades, your experience, your confidence or your personality. The question goes to the heart of what gives you an edge in an increasingly shrinking and competitive world. Anymore, Continuous Improvement is just not related to processes, it has a direct impact on one's career.

What is Analytics?

In simple terms, Analytics is the “Data science course". Business managers may be able to make decisions based upon the past experiences or there might be other qualitative aspects to decision making. Without sufficient data, such a process would not be considered "analytical".

The Future in Analytics

Today, two distinct trends have increased the scope and future of Analytics in Country.

1. The changing technology and ability of business and companies to capture and store large amounts of data in a cost-efficient fashion. Size of data warehouses has grown exponentially in the last 3-5 yrs.

2. The global recession and increasing competitive pressure to grow a business has drawn more and more corporations towards the use of a more scientific approach to decision making versus using intuition-based approach.

Data analytics certification is used widely in all industries like Banking & Financial Services, FMCGs, the Pharmaceutical Industry, Manufacturing sector and across all areas like market analytics, price analytics, human resource analytics, customer analytics, forecasting, supply chain analytics, competitors' analytics, etc.

Careers in Analytics

As Country is positioning itself as a favorite offshoring destination in the world, rising salaries may call for fresh CFA MBAs Engineers from premium institutes to take up a career in Analytics.

You begin your career as a Junior Analyst role right out of undergrad or graduate college and move up the corporate ladder to be an analyst, sr. analyst and head analytics. To be a successful analyst and have a great career you need the following three key attributes:

1. Solid technical ability: Ability to deal with the sea (large amount) of data (numeric and nonnumeric) efficiently so that you are not just writing complex SQL or SAS code but crafting your queries for the most benefit.

2. Analytical mindset: You have always found yourself solving problems logically. Given a business problem you are able to create a set of hypothesis, which you can test out and ensure they work.

3. Communication skills: Once you solve the business problem, you are able to remove the technical jargon and focus on the business problem at hand. Create a business strategy communication with which you can influence a variety of audience and stakeholder group

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