Ways Chemical Studies Can Save the World from Climate Change

The climate change phenomenon has become a significant concern over the last few years. In fact, many countries have joined hands to find the best solution to this global problem. We cannot deny the fact that the credit for the increasing global warming goes to some specific human activities. The average temperature has risen by about 1°C since 1880 due to the release of greenhouse gases. You may not think as such a great deal, but this has resulted in the melting of the Antarctic ice sheets. Moreover, the sea level has increased by about 12 inches in the last few decades. It’s high time that several industries should be more cautious with chemical wastage and greenhouse emissions to control this environmental problem.

We know that the chemical sector doesn’t have a great reputation when we talk about the environment. It critically contributes to developing technological solutions that can save our planet. Take a look:

Renewable energy

The massive carbon footprints in the chemical industry are adversely impacting climate change. An uncomplicated and simple way to deal with this issue and reduce such carbon footprint is by utilizing the renewable sources of energy which include solar, wind, and water. However, one problem that needs to be dealt with to apply this technology is to make it more cost-efficiency because renewable sources have an enormous upfront cost. Chemical engineers are working on finding the ways to produce low-cost renewable energy sources. For example, spray on solar cells improves its ability to retain more energy than usual.

Sustainable food

Yes, we know that the food and agriculture sector looks innocent and harmless. The truth is, it is one of the primary contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. It emits twenty-four percent of global GHG emissions, and the number is increasing every day due to population growth and change in dietary preferences. This majority of discharge comes from livestock which includes rice production, cows, and agricultural soil. They release methane and nitrous oxide in the atmosphere. The field of chemistry can rescue our globe by making the process of food production more efficient, producing fertilizer in a low-energy way, and reusing food waste.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is the obvious way to save the environment which implies increasing the output using the same amount of input. According to our chemistry assignment help providers, most of the energy that is produced is wasted in the form of water, heat or other emissions which is approximately sixty-six percent. Undoubtedly, the chemical sector tops the list of the most energy-intensive industry. However, the current internal rates of return are merely twelve to nineteen percent. Therefore, it should take the initiative to work toward improving energy efficiency.

Energy storage and grid management

One needs to consider several factors in the process of efficient power distribution. It starts with energy generation and continues till storage and distribution. For more flexibility in generating and consuming energy, we require new energy storage. The first idea that springs the mind is storage batteries. The improved efficiency of these batteries can result in better power management. The chemical scientists are making progress in this development so as to waste less energy during chemical conversion.

Water-energy-food Nexus

There is a considerable increase in the global demand for food, energy, and water. All these resources cannot be studied in isolation, especially when water, energy, food are intrinsically linked with climate change. Chemical sector plays a prominent role in coming up with sustainable solutions at the water-energy-food Nexus. These resources are not separate entities as they are highly dependent on each other. Nexus-thinking contributes majorly to the climate change solutions.

Remember, together we can prevent climate change. It’s high time that we all must work together and find solutions to avoid the catastrophic consequences of this global issue. Yes, chemical engineers are trying their best to develop the effective techniques, but as citizens of the planet, we need to stand up and initiate some action.

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