Popular Eyeglasses Frame Materials to Choose from

How often or how long do you wear your glasses? Well, if it’s prescription glasses, you might be wearing your glasses all day long, I guess the only time you will be doing away with it will be while sleeping. For regular glass wearers comfort and durability are big issues. If the glasses are not comfortable, it can really cause you hindrance in your everyday life. It’s the frame material that can do a lot of difference to your choice.

Back in time, the glasses were originally framed by horn, wood or bones as there were not much choices but in this modern era optical technology has come up with varied frame materials to make the wearer feel as comfortable and satisfied as possible. Every material has its own distinct qualities, you can choose the one that’s suitable to your face and make you feel comfortable wearing prescription glasses all day long.  

Here are details about few frame materials that would help you to choose wisely in future:

Plastic material

Plastic is the most preferred and cost-effective eyeglasses frame material. The lightweight feature of plastic frames  make it comfortable and optimal choice for everyday wear. You can find assortment of quirky colours in this material due to which youngsters and kids mostly love wearing plastic frames. The only drawback of plastic frame is that it’s not as durable as compared to much of the other frame materials. Nevertheless many eyewear brands are now manufacturing high-quality plastic frames that lasts long for the convenience of the wearers.

Metal material

The most demanding and sophisticated looking metal material is a robust frame type. The robustness makes the frame highly-durable. The malleable and corrosion-free ( good quality metal) feature also makes the frame more favourable. People with sensitive-skin might be allergic to metal, hence hypoallergenic options are also available. However metal is mostly suitable for those who wear glasses for less time and work in humid-free environment so as to maintain it’s natural essence.

Titanium material

Titanium is also kind of metal which is of silver-grey. However, titanium is slightly better than the usual metal as it’s lightweight, more robust and most of them are corrode-free. And not to forget, it is hypoallergenic too. What makes titanium more favourable is the looks, it looks extremely classy, modern with a dash of subtle colours. If you prefer buying high-quality titanium frames, be prepared to spend good amount. If you want a cost-effective alternative then there are titanium alloy frames that are much cheaper than complete titanium frames.

Stainless steel material

The stunning and strong stainless steel frame can also be a great alternative to titanium frame. Apart from being lightweight, low toxic and robust, stainless steel is nickel-free which makes it hypoallergenic too. It is resistant to corrosion and heat. The swanky looks and reasonable price is added advantage.

TR90 material

If you are looking for highly flexible, durable, robust, classy and long lasting, all in one frame material then nothing can be better than TR90 material. The modern material option can easily bend in any angle which eventually makes it unbreakable. What more you can expect from a eyeglass frame?

We have presented you the details about the most popular frame options, now the choice is yours.

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