An Aftershave Like No Other From VI-JOHN

When you’re a man, you are always striving for that perfect shave, the closest shave that ploughs the facial hair from its roots, the shave that makes ladies drool and men envious. So what do you do? You shuffle in order to find the perfect foam, the cream, the razor, the towels and everything in between. But you’re missing the most essential last step, the aftershave.

Most of the aftershave gels consist of antibacterial reagents and elements.

The antibacterial part would eliminate many bacteria and viruses present on your skin so you don’t suffer clogged pores and acne. If you are among the people who don’t wash their faces every so often, you may suffer from some problems such as acne. Astringents present in aftershave cleanse your follicles and skin cells. It also removes all of the dust and chemical reagents from the skin that make your face look dull and brittle.

You can get rid of the razor burns easily from the cooling effects of an aftershave. If you need perfect skin condition, you should consider understand the importance of applying aftershave because it makes your skin fresh and it also prevents you from lots of skin issues and diseases.

If you’re looking for after shave lotion for hard skin, or if you’re looking for after shave lotion for sensitive skin, everything comes full circle here at VI-JOHN, we have the best men after shave lotion which helps accentuate the shaving experience leaving a trail of the most aromatic scent behind, and turning things up a notch by simply creating a sphere which has left no room for improvement. Everything is perfect, just like it should be, just like you like it.

With the market filled to the brim with a plethora of men after shave lotions, which one should you pick for yourself? Which is the best after shave lotion for hard skin, which is the best after shave lotion for sensitive skin, you might go on Google and search for things like these, but nothing works better than some friendly advice. The best after shave lotion for men comes from the popular house of VI-JOHN, with the best quality checks and TQM practices, VI-JOHN Group has the best, always without ever failing to meet the demands of its customers.

 SPLASH AFTERSHAVE LOTION - CLASSIC-Experience the energizing new aftershave, SPLASH. Soothing like a cool ocean breeze with moisturizers that soften the skin. Its healing formula soothes razor nicks and bumps. Dab on generously after each shave and remember the extra dash on the back of your neck for added freshness. The rich, refreshing fragrance lasts really long and ups your confidence.

BLACK SEA AFTERSHAVE LOTION-ST. JOHN BLACK SEA is an effective and long lasting After Shave Lotion. Just a dash of it can provide you ripples of freshness all over your body and uplift your sensual emotions. Men can't resist and women can't deny.

The house of VI-JOHN brings a wide array of products that just make your search to buy the best natural grooming products easier than ever. With their website, you can buy everything and leave no room for betterment, it’s the best you’ll ever get.

Vi-John has been there in the market for decades and with every passing year the grip is growing stronger and stronger. The bond between the customer and the product is growing stronger which is also one of the reasons why Vi-John is now one of the most demanded and best-selling shaving creams of India. Vi-John has shaving creams that range from mint, lime and lemon, orange and normal. These flavours are very suitable for the various skin types and meet the demands of the today’s generation. Vi-John shaving creams are best for men who are professionals as clean shaven look is preferred mostly by them.

The skin friendly creams are the reasons for amazing confidence build up among men. Shaving creams have so many other options in the market that are promising international brands for many years. Competing against them has never been easy but how VI-John has set a benchmark for it is truly commendable. The benefits of using the shaving creams from Vi-John are many but to mention a few are mentioned here-

  • They are best for dry skin type- In winters or even generally, we tend to have drier skin and these dry skins have to have solutions like complete moisturisation and care. Vi-John shaving creams are best for dry skin.
  • They are best for oily skin type- the oily skin type has so much risk of getting infected from germs and bacteria so using Vi-John shaving cream to deal with such skin issues is best. Oily skin is more prone to risk of skin infection, acnes etc. so use VI-John shaving cream in order to have smooth shave and amazing skin.
  • They are best for sensitive skin- the natural ingredients used here are very impactful in order to deal with the sensitive skin type. So use of VI-john shaving cream is another reason why dealing with it is very easy with Vi-John.

If you are planning to buy a shaving cream, then what you can do best is to keep an eye on VI-John. Their shaving cream is quite popular among global consumers and its products are also very much in demand. People trust this brand. It has special rich micro foam which creates a velvety lather and when you use razor it glides like a dream on your skin which makes your shaving experience much easier than before. It has a rich and silky lather of shaving cream which helps to keep your skin soft and moisturised. Vi-john shaving foam also softens the growth twice as fast it has powerful anti-bacterial tea tree oil which totally protects and nourishes your skin constantly. It offers you complete luxury with its shaving foam which is made for all skin types without causing any skin problem or any harm. You can make the best experience with Vi-john shaving foam which offers you total protection for your skin type.VI-John shaving cream comes in 6 different packs and fragrances from sensitive to normal to lemon n lime to orange and musk, from oily to hard skin. Shaving foam is very convenient and soft; the fragrance is very attractive and mesmerising of Vi-John so again this is another reason to own. The six different foam packs are available in different sizes and variety that will make it an experience to love.




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