Reasons to Invest in App Marketing

The point of every business is to make money and marketing is a vital part of ensuring that that happens, but why invest in app marketing for any type of business.  There are a number of reasons why App marketing is considered to be an important part of your marketing arsenal.  To fully understand the growing trend, visit Our Mobile Planet which is Google´s mobile stat site.

Customer Convenience

People are on the go and often don´t have time to wade through unimportant information in order to access the information they want.  When searching online, it is becoming more and more difficult to find quality information quickly and is becoming extremely competitive to locate yourself in front of the right customers.  App marketing makes it much easier for the business owner to get their information in front of the right customers and it is easier for customers to find the information they want.

Apps are gradually becoming peoples own local business directory on their mobile devices and are increasingly storing Apps that suit their needs, offer value to their lives and reward them for their patronage.  In addition, Apps allow for convenient transfer of the App and its promotional features to friends though one touch tell a friend features.  This viral marketing technique is priceless as it won´t cost you a dime.

Constant Content Creation

One of the most difficult aspects of marketing any business is continually creating new content to promote with.  This is particular true for those making use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Apps are a great way to generate new content through the customer interactive features.  Features such as email photo or email recording allow customers to send through photos or recordings of themselves making use of your products or services at the touch of a button (once again – so convenient) which you can use to post to your wall, twitter feed or YouTube account.

Rewarding Your Customers

Rewarding your customers for their interaction through competitions and promotions is a great way to get them actively engaged and creating even more content for you.  There are a number of features that can build loyalty with your customers such as QR or GPS coupon codes.  Push notifications are free to send through your App and are a great way to keep your customers updated with promotional codes and discounts.  There are also countdown facilities on these features so that you can offer a discount after a certain number of purchases is achieved.

Cost Effectiveness

Having an App built for your business is not expensive any more.  You can get a fully customized App for a few hundred dollars which will include unlimited push notifications, promotional QR and GPS Coupons built in and a number of other cost saving features.  Other mobile marketing strategies such as sms marketing often costs you per message sent and is not geographically targeted.  In addition your marketing app has built in features which you can use to market it effectively, so there really is no limit to the reasons to invest in App marketing.

Another thing they could accomplish is launching a web presence for your app, and a download page for mobile users. Imagine if whenever keywords related to your app were put into Google, your app was the first thing that anyone saw. This service alone can make an enormous difference in how your app was received. Not only would it widen your audience, it would also improve your app’s credibility and make prospective buyers more readily convinced that your app had something to offer them.

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