Features to Include in Your Mobile Marketing App

There are a number of features to include in your mobile marketing App that will increase your brand awareness, generate more content and result in more traffic both foot and web based.  Understanding the different features and knowing what they can do for you will help you to get the most suitable mobile marketing App for your business.

One Touch Features

Mobile marketing apps should be easy to use and easy to navigate.  Features that help to keep customers informed or in contact ensure that they will come back for more.  Some of the one touch features that customers enjoy using and find useful include one touch calling.  The ability to click on a telephone icon and instantly be dialling your number is extremely popular in our instant gratification environment.  In addition to that one touch GPS turn by turn directions is also a great way to ensure that customers know exactly where you and how to get to you.

One touch Tell a friend is an excellent tool to promote your business and prompt viral marketing.  Attaching one touch tell a friend to your discounts and promotions ensures that friends can tell friends about discounts they have just been informed of and what better way to get the word out.

Information Features

Product and service lists with prices are one of the primary reasons for investing in your mobile marketing App.  Having all your product information on your App allows people to browse your products and services at their leisure.  Adding value to your App may also be as a result of adding features such as calculators, QR scanners, recording functions and checklists.  Your information pages should only add value to your App from your own perspective, but should add value to the lives of those who download it so that they open it regularly and repeatedly use the features.

Social Media Features

For anyone marketing their business through social media, you will know that having constant information to offer is one of the most difficult aspects of keeping your social media marketing alive.  Your App will not only give your customers instant access to your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube content but adding such features as email photo or email recording as well as fan wall and testimonial features will generate content that you can use on your social media sites and prompt customers to visit, like and comment on the posts, tweets and videos. More details: mobile cpi networks

Communication Features

Your App comes with push notifications which are instant messages that you can use to inform your customers about promotions, discounts and new products.  These instant messages are completely free to send and are entirely permission based.  Targeted to only people who have downloaded your App, know your business and want your products.  This feature can be used to promote vouchers, introduce new products and are extremely effective due to the high open and read rate.

There are many additional features to include in your mobile marketing App and our team are here to help you achieve your aims.

While it is possible to achieve some of these things on your own, it’s not easy and there’s no guarantee of success. The truth is, most app developers are great at producing creative and unique mobile applications but don’t have the expertise to get these apps out there. This accounts for the failure of many apps, but it doesn’t have to happen to you. If you’re interested in getting in contact with an app marketer, we’ve found some of the best in the business and we’re happy to connect you with them for a free consultation.

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