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So you have an App and want to know how to market it to achieve the best results.  There are various ways to market your app and making use of the various features in a range of ways will open up many new strategies to you.

Your first objective will always be to get your App downloaded by as many people as you can and offering value to their lives is the best way to do that.

While push notifications are a great way to promote your business and inform customers of your products, they are most effective when used in conjunction with marketing strategies for apps.  People love to receive messages about great discount offers and in order to get your marketing off to a good start, this is a great starting point.

Building a quality offering QR code that offers either a discount on a product that many customers would enjoy using or may actually need on a regular basis is a good way to improve your popularity and the popularity of your App.  If you are able to offer it at a highly discounted price or for just the smallest profit margin, you´ll benefit in the long run with customer loyalty and an increase in your customer base.

You´ll not only want to promote something initially that everyone wants or needs, but will want your present customers to pass on the good news, so rewarding them for helping you promote is a great way to go viral.

You can make use of the tell a friend feature prompt after the discount is redeemed and also by making use of the email photo feature where you can ask your customers to take a photo with your product for you to use on your Facebook wall or even in the App on the fan wall.  Ask customer to visit these two locations and vote or like these pictures to generate more interest.  Running competitions in this manner are also a great way to get more customers and reward those who remain loyal to your brand.

Another great way to generate more App traffic is through push notifications and social media.  Adjustments can be made to your App instantly and will be instantly accessible to anyone who has your App downloaded.  By hiding object in your App and sending a push notification stating the first ten people to find the object, make a recording of the page it is one and email it through the device will win a free item.  You can add the competition details to your Facebook page too which could result in the App going viral.

Thinking a little outside of the box when it comes to mobile App marketing means that you can make your marketing fun, interactive and extremely profitable with just a little work.

One of the most important things an app marketer can do for you is help you with the presentation of your app on the app store. If you are using the iPhone app store, you have to understand that your app is being dropped amid literally hundreds of thousands of other applications. It’s important that you do something to help it stand out. In the beginning, this can be as simple as adding a picture or coming up with a very precise and efficient product description that lets your target audience know everything they need to know about your app in a short period of time.


But there’s more to the app store than ensuring your product description is eye-catching. It also has to catch the attention of the app store itself, and have credibility with the distributor. This will allow your app to surface at the top of the search results in your category or when keywords related to your app are searched. Achieving a higher ranking in the search results of your app store can be challenging, especially because every app store has a different algorithm and a different way of assessing the value of its apps, but a professional marketer would be able to get the job done.

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