Internal Auditing Training Popular as Demand Grows

There’s one thing for certain and that’s unlike our parents and grandparents, we no longer have the guarantee of a ‘job for life’. With increasing automation across most industries, many of the traditional jobs are disappearing. Strange then, that one of the oldest professions in the world is actually getting stronger.

Internal auditing dates back thousands of years to the ancient civilisations of Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Roman Empire. In those days they may have used rocks and beads rather than computers, but the principle was the same.

Of course, auditing of any kind isn’t just restricted to money; management systems also need to be audited and therein lies the reason for the growing popularity of internal auditing training. It’s a simple formula: increased and tougher legislation is forcing businesses to implement more efficient management systems, such as International Standards, and that is leading to increased demand for internal auditors.

Internal Audit Training Courses

Internal auditors are responsible for scrutinising and reporting back on internal operations, risk management, quality assurance, corporate governance and more. In a 2018 salary guide survey in the US, internal auditor was listed in the Top 10 highest paid jobs in finance and accounting.




In highly regulated industries such as insurance, banking, healthcare and financial services, it is the risk and compliance demands that are driving both the demand and the pay scale. Again, in the US, the number of auditor jobs is growing at over 10%, higher than the average for any other occupation.

The great thing about internal audit training courses is that you can then specialise in particular areas should you wish to, such as risk assessment. Alternatively, you can find promotion within your current organisation. The job carries a lot of responsibility as you are also the go-between for employees and management.

Internal Auditing Training

Internal auditing training appeals to those who love both challenge and responsibility; it’s perfect for anyone with an enquiring mind and results driven outlook. It covers many different skills, helping to make you a more rounded and valuable staff member. You’ll learn not only hands-on auditing skills but also communication skills and reporting.

In the past internal auditing was seen by some employees as policing; they felt the internal auditor was there to spy on them. These days, however, most employers and employees see that good internal auditing operates in their favour. For employers, it’s a way of making the business more efficient and cost-effective; for employees, it’s a way of getting better, safer working conditions and transparency.

It’s definitely a career path that demands good people skills!

In Queensland, Standard Consulting in Brisbane is the go-to for accredited internal audit training courses. Courses are held regularly, and the success rate is very high, largely because the courses are run by real working auditors!

Make the Change Today

Courses are available across the major ISO management systems, including Integrated Management, Quality Assurance, Safety Management and Environmental Management. With the latter two areas subject to increasingly tough legislation you can easily see the value in these courses.

The time to make that career change is now and your first step is to sign up for internal auditing training, so what are you waiting for?

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