Books You Must Read to Build a Strong English Vocabulary

Reading a book is like getting lost in a different world that is filled with rich characters, exotic settings, and experiences like no other. Every individual has its own reason to read, such as knowledge, entertainment, or understanding. There is hardly a better way to find unusual words and improve the vocabulary than reading a well-written novel. Yes, they are not always efficient, but they are definitely the purest.  
Here are five books that will help you to refine your lexicon. Read on:
To Kill a Mockingbird

There hasn’t been a more beloved book in any age than this beautiful and engrossing depiction of childhood. It is the amazingly described endearing characters, compelling events, and some unique terms that garnered this novel so much popularity amongst the readers. It is the language in which the story has been written that brings the world created by Harper Lee to life, and we can actually relate with each of the characters. While going through this book, you will not find a single term out of place. Yes, you may not come across many unfamiliar words in this story, but our English assignment help experts believe that placing the right word at the right place is as important as using the powerful vocabulary. And this book is a perfect example of that.  
Slaughterhouse Five

“Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.” Who hasn’t heard or read this famous line from Vonnegut’s ultimate work Slaughterhouse Five? This fiction book gives an insight into the tragic life of a soldier in World War II and challenges readers to examine the conceptions they have regarding war and survival. The vocabulary of this novel is more modern with words, such as grotesque, unmitigated, and magnanimity.

This book by Joyce has some brilliant words which are coined by the writer himself same as Shakespeare which include ineluctable, bedraggle, and omphalos. With 265,000 words including 30,030 unique words, this one is considered as one of the most challenging books to read. The complexity of this book can be estimated by the fact that you might have to keep a dictionary and a notebook while going through it, as Ulysses can challenge even veteran readers. However, it is also among the greatest 100 English novels of all time.  
The Grapes of Wrath

John Steinbeck has employed a unique strategy in this book by including a descriptive chapter between two chapters to move the action forward. No, it doesn’t stall the story but creates literary magic instead. Trust us; you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from immersing in the world created by the writer. With each descriptive chapter, you will be reminded of or introduced little gems of vocabulary to fuel your own verbal repertoire. The dialogues are brought to life as characters misuse them but at the right moments.  
The Ghost Writer

This book is a celebration of the literary world narrated by Nathan Zuckerman. This short novel is rife with sentences, such as escaped, at last, the wooden self-consciousness, egregious, overearnestness, sporadic attempts to be witty, in this house of forbearance I was better at suppressing my amorous impulses unchained in Manhattan and more. You will come across similar gems with every turn of the page. Once you are done with this book, it will be difficult for you to resist following Zuckerman to his next books. Each of them has a vast symphony of words, ideas, and characters.
We suggest you grab your copies soon and let yourself dive into the collection of unusual and unique words. We are sure that once you are done with all these aforementioned books, you will have a vocabulary that is unmatchable.

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