Tips to make your Magento Store Faster and More Effective

E-commerce is growing at the fastest pace than ever. Millions of online stores use Magento as their e-commerce platform because of its amazing features and capabilities. Magento provides flexible cloud solutions along with everything that a merchant might need for his store.
Whether a flexible shopping solution or payment and security extensions, content management or strong community support, Magento offers plenty of resources to their customers. No wonder it is the most obvious choice of the merchants for their online stores. In addition to it, many Magento development companies provide custom Magento solutions specific to the requirements of the store owners.

While Magento is one of the leading eCommerce platforms, its capabilities highly depends upon the development and implementation of the the Magento website. Here, we are giving you a few tipsto take implicit measurements for the effective implementation and faster performance of your Magento store.  These tips will not only enhance the performance of the store but also help in generating more revenues for your business.
. Boost the Performance of Your Online Store

As per many types of research, if your website takes more than 2-3 seconds to download, approximately 40% of the visitors leave the eCommerce store. And every one second of delay causes 10% people to leave from your website. So if your Magento store is not fast, you might lose some potential customers. This leads to lower your conversion rates immensely.

That is the reason why it is crucial to get your Magento store optimized for improved performance. This will ensure the better conversion and hence, ROI. Other than that elements that need consideration are code optimization, database optimization, and caching along with right server and hosting environment. If you keep a check on these parameters, it will boost the performance of your eCommerce store immensely.

. Update Your System on Regular Basis

Many merchants think that updates are needed for fixing bugs and other issues related to the performance of the store. However, it is not the case. Magento updates or patches offer significant benefits to application logic. Hence it is essential to keep your Magento store updated.

MageReport is one such free tool that keeps track of your store. MageReport keeps a tab on the missing updates as well as configuration issues automatically and sends your reports and recommends the required action or solution. You just need to follow the directions it offers.  

. Enhanced Shopping Experience for Buyers

People like to have a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience when they land on an online store. With the help of some amazing graphics, fantastic UI/UX design,  and smooth checkout, etc. you can enhance the user’s encounter at your store. Always use the latest version of Magento. Also, ensure that the website is well designed and the newest performance optimized templates have been used to develop the store.

Additionally, add most of the popular payment gateways to your Magento store. If all these things are in place, the user can easily sift through your offerings, and the purchase cycle improves. Hence, chances of sales are increased immensely.

. Image file Optimization for Better loading

Images play a vital role in any e-commerce store, and Magento store is no different. Therefore, it is crucial to optimize the images or pictures on your eCommerce store to boost its performance. However, you cannot jeopardize your reputation by compromising the quality of the images on your site.

There are numerous free toolsavailable in the market that help in optimization of images and allow you to compress them as per your system requirements. It is recommended to use SVG (scalable vector graphics) instead of raster graphics because when you compress the raster image, its quality deteriorates.

. Auto Scaling for Improved Management of Resources

Auto scaling allows you to manage your resources better and allocate them as per their demand and requirement. During the peak hours or sale season, when traffic is massive, auto-scaling automatically allocates additional resources such as servers, etc. to manage the extra burden on your Magento eCommerce store. So, auto-scaling tool fulfills the demands of your eCommerce store as per circumstances.


Above tips are tried and tested tricks that empower your Magento store with better functionalities. So in case, you are not able to make full use of your Magento store capabilities, you can use these recommended measures for the enhanced performance of your online store. The results are quick and effective.

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