How to Prevent Phone Loss/Theft or Recover Phone if Stolen

As expensive as phones can be, they sometimes get missing. That is worse than the phone even getting bad. There are so many ways you can recover data and maybe repair a phone when it gets bad but if your phone is lost, unless you are able to recover the phone, any data that was not backed up to a different device or on-line could be lost for good. There are different anti theft protection measures to ensure that your phone does not get missing or to recover it if it gets lost. We are going to look into some of the measures you can take to prevent phone theft or find stolen phone in the lines that follow.

Preventing Phone Loss/Theft; Things you SHOULD DO

Use stringent security measures

There are different security measures for each phone you buy and some of these security features are specifically designed to help you locate lost phones. Some dealers like Samsung and Iphone have taken the issue of security for smart phones to a whole new level. There are several security measures you can take to prevent phone theft and each has its own level of effectiveness. Sometimes you can even use two or more security measures simultaneously to enforce the level of safety of your phone. Almost every smartphone you buy will have the pattern security code as part of its security features. Though it is one of the most effective security measures for smart phones, there are others like finger print scanners and passwords which can be used to make your phone even more secure. If you are using a phone which has a fingerprint security system, it is important to have it activated. That is going to be your most formidable guard against theft. The feeling most people have is that if someone is going to steel a phone, they will do so no matter what happens. But thieves do not always want to go through stress. Unless someone is really into technological stuffs (and most people aren’t) he will likely let your phone be when he realizes that even if the phone is stolen it will hardly be useable. If some of these security measures are not in place, your phone tracker apps may not be able to help you recover it if it is stolen because the thief will be able to disable them.

Iphone users have even more security. With an Iphone, when your fingerprint security is activated, you can also activate the password option. The good thing about Iphones is that the company could block the phone without any possibility of anyone assessing once it is stolen. So if you have your security settings activated, whoever steals your phone will not be able to assess it after trying a certain number of times because it would have been blocked. This may not be one of the things that help you locate lost phone but at least it secures your data until you are able to recover the phone. And I can assure you that just one out of ten thousand people who could steal your phone would be able to unlock it once it is blocked by Apple.

Install a “find my phone” App

There are so many applications built to help you find lost phones or offer phone tracker features to help you locate your phone if it is stolen or gets missing. Phone trackers provide easy ways you can use to find stolen phone. Though there are several shortcomings in the way these application work, they are still one of your best chances of recovering your phone in the event that it gets missing or is stolen. A good number of applications are available which serve as phone trackers and will help you recover a device that may have been stolen or lost. You will have to ensure that you download, install and have at least one of them running on your device to help you find the phone if it is stolen. You should also beware that these Apps fall under two categories, those that are paid for and the free ones. Of course you will have some which are can run free but will have added advantages that have to be paid for to access them. The general idea is that those that are paid for will be more effective in securing your phone from theft or helping you track it if it is stolen. But that is not necessarily the case. Your best chance at knowing which applications are the best is checking the reviews of each application. And of course it would not hurt to download and try them in order to see which works best.

There is Android Device Manager with which you will also be able to secure data if your phone is stolen besides the option that helps you track or locate lost phones in which the application is installed. Avast Anti Theft application is another one you can use to locate and track a stolen phone. Besides GPS, it uses other triangulation methods that could make the process more definite and easy for anyone to use. Apart from it’s brilliant functionality (which could enable you take pics and pick up audio signals from phone while on the app’s website) is the fact that you can actually use the application in a stealth mode which makes it invisible. Whoever steals or has the phone after it is missing will hardly be able to tell that the app is present. One such application used to find stolen phone which has become very popular is Prey Anti-Theft application which activates anti theft protection measures and a phone tracker option which gives you the possibility to recover your lost phone. Fortunately, this application is completely free. Using GPS and WiFi triangulation, there are a variety of possibilities with Prey Anti-Theft App. You can activate and use the phone’s camera to take pics while logged in to your account form another device, set off an alarm or get other information that could help you locate the device. There are a host of other application that could be just as effective as the ones mentioned here. You just have to do a little more digging to find out which of them will be most effective for you.

Use a note on the screen or sticky paper

This is not one of those things many people do not consider when they think of securing their phones from theft or increasing the chances of recovering it if it is stolen. But it is something that actually increases your chances or recovering your phone if it is lost or stolen. We still have good hearted people around the word and if you should drop your phone and it is seen or picked up by one of them, your chances of recovering it are increased if you have written some contact information to it. It is best to even inscript such information on the the phone so that it cannot just be taken off. Even if the phone is stolen, who knows? Someone may see it with the thief and through the information your wrote on it get it back to you. In the same light, you can write the information you want and make it appear on the lock screen of the phone so that anyone who comes across it and puts on the screen can get the phone back to you by making use of that information.

Keep your Phone’s Identity Number

Every smart phone has a special registration number commonly known as IMEI number and it will be required to help find the phone if it gets missing. Since this number is unique to your phone, if you have it registered before your phone is stolen, your mobile operator could use that number to track the phone. Besides that you will also find it important in case you want to get the police involved in the search because most times than not, they are going to ask for that number. If you do not know what this number looks like or how you can know your phone’s own unique registration number, you can find it under setting and phone info for android devices. For some phones, this number is written under the battery. Most people will not want to go through searching the settings or maybe remove your battery right away to check if yours carries the number. Luckily for you, there is a much simpler way to go about getting your phone’s unique registration number. From your phone’s dialer, simply dial *#06# and ten press the call button. The identification number of your phone should pop up after pressing those buttons. Even some mobile recovery apps and sites will require this number to track and help you recover your device if it is lost.

Register the phone with a network operator

Unless your phone was registered with a network operator, it will really be difficult for them to help you find the phone if it is stolen. No matter the amount of information you are able to give them when the phone is stolen, some processes will just not work if they did not have the phone registered before it was stolen. Apart from tracking your phone when you report loss or theft, your network operator can simply block the phone entirely so that whoever has it cannot use it for any purpose. However, you must be warned that this is not something you can be sure they are going to do since it is against the policies of some network operators. Also be informed when a phone is blocked, depending on the type of phone and its complexities or quality of security system, you may not be able to use it again. If you know that and still want to go ahead with the blocking idea, then probably you just want to secure the information on the phone and are not really concerned about its worth or the probability that you will be able to use it again.

Preventing Phone Loss/Theft; Things you SHOULD NOT DO

Sometimes, the things we do or fail to do with our phones while we carry them about and use them either increase or decrease the chances that one’s phone can be stolen. There are some common anti theft protection measures people can take to keep their phones from being stolen. Here are some things you should not do if you want to keep your phone from being stolen or lost.

Don’t put your phone in a loose pocket when in public vehicles

Men especially are often wearing trousers that are loose worse still, the pockets of those trousers are sometimes too shallow. There are two things that can happen if you keep your phone in a loose pocket while in a public vehicle; one is that the phone could drop out of your pocket without you ever noticing it until you are out of the car or train or whatever method of public transport your were using. That may be the last time you see the phone. The second thing is, a phone kept in a loose pocket can easily be taken out by a thief without you ever noticing what happened. It is best to put your phone in your bag if you have one with you or in a deep, tight pocket if you have one. Otherwise, just hold the phone in your hand.

Don’t Place phone on the table in public settings

If you are in a restaurant, bar, pocker joint or any such public place, avoid placing your phone on the table or counter. The people who steal in such places are usually professionals and if your make the least error, it will take only seconds before you realize that the phone is nowhere to be found. While you are in such places, make sure your phone is always in a secure pocket. One which can really hold the phone tight. That’s why you should think of your dressing when you decide to hang out in such places. Even if your phone is stolen from the table, you will attract thieves by showing off the phone to people who may be interested in stealing it. If you have a really expensive phone, you may be attacked and even if your phone is not stolen, your life may be in danger because you could not hide it aways for a few minutes.

Don’t hold your phone loose in crowded places

Of course there have been cases where people lost their phones to snatchers. It is best to keep your phone in your bag when you walk on the street or find yourself in a crowded area like the market. But if you must use your phone while at a crowded place, you should hold it very firmly and with both hands. In such a situation, you also need to be very alert. Don’t just keep staring at your phone for long without taking up your head or being conscious of what is happening around you. It is one of the best anti theft protection measures you should always be conscious of in order to prevent phone theft.

Avoid using flashy earphones such as Apple headphones in public

This one is a matter of common sense and some thieves have lots of it. If you use a flashy earphone in public, the implication is that you are using an expensive mobile phone and that is enough to attract phone snatchers. You should desist from the habit of listening to music while on the streets or in public places. But seeing that many people can hardly stay away from music for more than a few minutes, it is better you get some cheep looking headphones and use them instead when you are outdoors. If someone has to judge what type of phone you are using by looking at your earphones, he is definitely not going to be attracted to you.

After Phone Theft; Things you SHOULD DO

Once your phone is snatched or lost, you will need all the advice and information you can get to help you find the phone. At this time, some anti theft protection measures you took may not be able to help you recover the phone. Luckily, we have a number of things you should do explained in the following lines. Hopefully they will help you recover your phone or at least the data on the phone when it is stolen.

Report to your mobile operators

One of the very first things you want to do when your mobile phone gets missing is send a report to your mobile operators. With the technological equipments at their disposal, they can locate lost phones, know exactly where it is and who may be using it if the thief went ahead to sell it or continued using it. Remember, though, that some operators will be willing to give you this information, others will not. Whatever be the case, you sure have other options. In case the operators with whom your phone is registered actually go ahead to track and find the phone, don’t expect to have the phone as soon as that information about the thief and its whereabouts are out. The normal procedure is for the matter to be handed over to the police along with evidence gathered.

File a report to the police

Whether or not you get your mobile operators involved, you will still have to report the case of phone theft to the police to ensure that the phone is recovered. You will need to provide basic information which will include the type of phone it was, where it was stolen from and maybe a description of the person who stole it. However, if you have information from your mobile phone operators about the phone, that will help the police do their job and possibly recover the phone faster.

Try using your phone tracking App

If you had a phone tracker app running on your phone before it got lost, then you can use it to find stolen phone without necessarily consulting a third party. Some of these applications can actually go as far as blocking the phone and making it inaccessible, taking pictures of the surroundings of where the phone may be at the time or activating the phone’s audio functionality so that it can pick up sound that could help you approximate the location of the phone. Nevertheless, for some of these applications, if your WiFi or GPS are not switched on as at the time you are trying to track the phone using the app, it will not work. That is why it is important to act swiftly once you realize that your phone has been stolen. The faster you can take right measures towards recovering the phone, the more likely you are to get it back.

After Phone Theft; Things you SHOULD NOT DO

When your phone is stolen and you are able to maybe get information on it’s location or the person keeping it with the help of your phone tracker, don’t make the mistake of going after the person or looking for the phone all by yourself. As a matter of fact, it is best you are not actively involved in looking for the phone. There have been numerous cases around the world of people who were killed while trying to recover their phones from thieves. It may be really tempting to take the chance and act because you have all the information you need to find stolen phone, but it is a very dangerous thing to do. Let the police do their job. Sometimes, the way they go about such issue could give you the impression that they are incompetent or just don’t want to do their job. But they are patient and careful in such matters because of the danger involved. You should too. And truly, your phone and whatever information it may carry cannot be equated to your life.

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