What Makes Cork Flooring an Option Enriched Of Creativity And Durability?

Almost every house owner fed up from the same old appearance of the house, no matter for how long they have been living there. They start hunting of the flooring options which provide them with full coverage from a pet, wine, coffee or juice stains. Albeit carpet is a good option to cover the stains but once it gets matted down, it starts showing wear and tear.  But if you are thinking to turn back to the hardwood flooring option then certainly you have to make up your mind for the dents and scratches. Indeed, peeling up from the edges and rips and tears are very common in it. Therefore no matter which type of Kitchen Flooring you are inclining to, there are certain pros and cons, which can take your away from the attaining the feeling of ultimate satisfaction. If you are willing to add dramatically touch to your flooring which not only appears ravishing but also enhances your happiness by walking over it.  In this context, why don’t you consider cork flooring?

Indeed but before taking any decision, it is important to know what it is. Cork floors encapsulate varied qualities and capabilities, therefore it has been used as prominent flooring option since ages. It is a natural substance and a perfect choice for the flooring and can be used for the soundproofing of the place. Albeit you have seen its noticeable use in wine bottles.

This substance is derived from the bark of cork oak tree. Cork is harvested from the tree which is at least 25 years of the age, aside from this, once this harvesting is done, the same tree can be brought in use after a ninth year and this process continues till the lifetime. In addition to this, cork oak enjoys a splendid life of 200 years. Therefore, cork is considered to be the renewable source which is the favour of the environment.

What about the durability of the cork?

Well, you will be amazed to see, how durable white cork flooring is and that’s why undoubted it is counted among the strongest flooring option available in the market. It remains unaffected by the friction and impact in comparison to the hardwood, tile flooring or lamination. Therefore we can say that cork flooring can stand up against much more abuse and use than the other type of flooring options.

Cork has a commendable resistance to the pressure. Therefore if we stand on the cork flooring with high heels, then the floor will make a dent or impression, but as we remove the pressure, it regains its original shape without leaving any lasting impression or mark. This is a great news for the homeowner no matter how hard he removes furniture will the ground, the flooring will remain as good as new, invincible isn’t it.

If your concern is the damage caused to the water? Then don’t worry, cork contains natural substance refers to the name of suberin. In real it is a waxy type of substance which makes cork waterproof, and this might be the reason why cork won’t rot even when it is exposed to the liquid or hardwood.

Final words

we can say that cork is the finest choice for flooring especially if you are in need of something which can stand up to the abuse and use for a long time and resistant to the stains and water. If you want a flooring which values for your money, then cork is the option is looking for as it will last forever and cost half of the price of other flooring options.

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