Binoy Nazareth A Tryst with Nature at Outer Banks, North Carolina

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The delightful pleasures derived from short getaways and escapades to new places are priceless. To those who are passionate about travel, every trip provides a fantastic opportunity to interact with new people & culture; and soak in the experience of something that they never experienced before. The fundamental joys of travel including anticipation and discovery, is nourished and nurtured by these short unplanned trips. This time I decided to brag about my sizzling experience of visiting some of the most elegant and naturally gifted places in North Carolina and its Outer Banks. Due to this being an unplanned trip I had to settle for only four, but four fun-filled days at some of the all-time favorite and untouched reserves of NC. The real pleasures of travel go far beyond the sights, and it’s in the anticipation & unexpected, that you get to live your life to the fullest. So go on and keep traveling, for traveling is bliss and there is no joy like being a wanderlust adventurer!

North Carolina known as NC is the 6th most visited state in US and is the 9th largest one in US with a mixture of scenic beauties and historical traits and this diversity makes NC a visitor’s paradise.  I hope this personal exploration and narration of my visit can be a guide to those who are on an unplanned trip with no pre-determined list of places to visit. At your fingertips will be the Outer banks of NC which is full of water sports and attractive tourist destinations which you should not miss when visiting OBX.

Wild and Wondrous Wanderlust

After reaching my destination from a daylong car ride, I took a long stride on a serene evening that took me to the lighthouse in OBX. The lighthouse of OBX which is a frequent target of professional photographers and has appeared in many magazines is one of the iconic landmarks and goes back in time among rest of the lighthouses in United States. After making myself comfortable on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, I started my adventurous journey by taking a ride on one of the wild mustang horses around the Outer Banks. These horses have been part and parcel of this picturesque environment which really appears to be totally magical and mesmerizing.

Followed by this, another wonderful and unique experience that I completely cherished is the visit to Elizabethan Garden in Outer Banks situated on Roanoke Island. This island boasts of the history of the first English settlers who landed here over 400 hundred years ago. In each season new wonders are brought to these amazing gardens, which is a must visit place in Outer banks. Being an avid lover of fishing, I can never miss an opportunity to go score some big ones, and this time I hopped on an OBX charter fishing trip, since Outer Banks is known for the various big water species. I came back empty handed, but that’s not the point here!

A Feast Fit for the Adventurous Palate

Later during the evening I joined for more fun and amusement in Bodies Island. The two light houses located there look spectacular and the island is the perfect beach to relax and forget your worries on the pristine sands. This is a true family paradise. Here I was on a unique travel which was fast transforming into a cadence of color, charisma and a carousel of all my favorite things…need I ask for more??!! I cruised through the Outer Banks activities and realized that I truly wanted to go on a journey of flavors, fragrances and food trails of far-flung places. Barely trying to keep the cravings of my palate under control, I ventured into one of the Corolla Seafood Restaurant which served up a feast for Neptune with every type of seafood which was a treat for my taste buds.

Wandering through a maze of tastes and tunnels of pure enjoyment, I skimmed through the water activities and was lost in the history where I discovered the treasures of the Outer Banks. Perfect for families who need a whimsical and wild break, the Outer Banks in North Carolina provided the magic of a natural world untouched by the busyness of modern-day trends. This was where I had my fill of every type of seafood which was mesmerizing and eventful for an aspiring chef like me. I satisfied the adventurous streak in me with pickled delicacies, nutty goat salad, fillet mignon fish kebabs, ravioli, prime rib eye, pork loin, seafood pasta and chowder. I indulged in a happening nightlife with karaoke, great music and intoxicating beverages while treating my palate to Sundogs, homemade ice-cream and other sweet treats. As days mingled with sizzling evenings, my tryst with Nature and delightful things to do completed a great holiday. I truly enjoyed the endless recreation blended with an infinite trail of gourmet delights.  

The great Corolla restaurants in Outer Bank NC serving BBQs and southern sea foods are things which are most wanted and craved for. One thing I must mention here is, at no point did I feel like a tourist here and it was almost like this place was my home. Great food, excellent sceneries, top-notch hospitality – that’s Outer Banks for you. Go on, be a wanderlust traveler and experience this place for yourself. I challenge you, it won’t be disappointing!

Binoy Nazareth Invites you to Revel in a Whimsical Adventure at Outer Banks, North Carolina

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