Scrum Training at a higher level

How Scrum Product Owner Training creates effective business environments


Scrum is about thriving in complex environments. It's a framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value. Scrum encourages the use of various tools and techniques in diverse environments where where efficiency, effectiveness and creativity are key.


Scrum Training is about achieving success in agile environments, getting teams to work in a coherent, time-bound and highly productive manner. It assumes individual and collective responsibility, with training developing the soft skills needed to work independently while at the same time interlocking with other team members to ship a great product on time and on budget.


Scrum Product Owner Training suitability

Cerified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Training is suitable for those who are performing or about to take over the role of Scrum Product Owner. It is also suitable for business analysts, project managers, product managers, line managers and Scrum Masters.


CSPO Training is a highly interactive, in-depth course covering the values and principles of Agile and Scrum, taking a detailed look at the role of the Product Owner and a whole range of creative techniques for maximising the value of the product or products within the scrum framework.


Scope of CSPO Training

Incorporating Scrum requires diligence, patience and a commitment to continuous improvement. CSPO candidates are expected to build a body of knowledge of the Scrum framework, including its roles, events and artefacts. This includes understanding the role of the SPO, the Scrum purpose and strategy, customers and users, testing product assumptions and dealing with product backlog.


Understanding the role of the Product Owner

The first Learning Objective in CSPO Training is to understand the role of the Product Owner. This section of training covers the responsibilities and roles of the Product Owner, including the soft skills or personal qualities that support effective delivery and validation of product ideas. CSPO candidates will also know how to identify anti-patterns that are detrimental to productivity.


CSPO candidates will also learn techniques for dealing with stakeholders, including transparency on goals and progress, decision-making approaches, facilitation between stakeholders, and engaging stakeholder to obtain critical information and insights. In addition, CSPO candidates will learn effective techniques for dealing with the development team and for dealing with multiple teams.


Describing purpose and strategy

It is vitally important for the CSPO to learn to develop a clear understanding of the purpose, vision, mission, strategy and tactics of their particularly product strategy during training. Candidates will learn strategies for defining, communicating and explaining these elements to stakeholders and teams.


The development of roadmaps and release planning is a critical learning outcome where candidates will learn to describe various strategies for the incremental delivery of a product, create prioritised roadmaps with stakeholders and describe solutions and features as progressively smaller items that may be completed in a sprint.


Understanding customers and users

CSPO candidates will learn to distinguish between users, customers and other stakeholders who benefit from a product's use. In addition, they will develop strategies for enhancing the connection between product teams and customers and users as well as develop techniques to generate and discover new products and feature ideas that better meet customer and user needs.


Testing product assumptions

This section of CSPO Training involves understanding the sprint review as an effective means to adapt steps, review increments, build user insights, conduct experiments, and identify options and product opportunities. It involves distinguising between assumptions and hyptheses, performing disocvery and validation work, and using different approaches to test hyptheses.


Working with product backlog

It is vitally important during CSPO Training to develop a sound understanding of the difference between outcome and output: output is what was built; outcome is the business value this provides. It is also important for CSPO candidates to learn how to define what value is and is not in the product development process, as well as ordering, creating and refining backlog items.


Once CSPO Training has been successfully completed as evidenced through attendance and active participation, candidates will be able to register as Certified Scrum Product Owners (CSPO).


Agile Centre is a Scrum Alliance Registered Education Provider (REP) offering training courses run by experienced Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs) and accredited trainers. Agile and Scrum training courses are highly interactive, experiential and can be attended on a public course date or as private in-house training. Agile Centre also offers leadership coaching, team and programme coaching, and capacity building. All Agile Centre coaches are highly trained in people development, coaching and mentoring and can assist with Scrum, LeSS, SAFe, Kanban or any other Agile framework. Agile Centre's mission is to work with managers, Scrum Masters and team members to continuously improve at the Team and programme level.

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