Five Weird Benefits of Giving Chocolates to Your Kids

While restraint is good, a piece of the sweet delicacy can do wonders for your children. Do you know chocolate was the 'food of the Gods' for Mayans? So, stock up on some delectable chocolates for your kids. Double up on the stock if you love to eat chocolate more than your kids. If you are tight on budget, you can try to win free prizes that include chocolate hampers. Your pleasure is about to double up while you savor the yummiest delights without spending a quid on them!

Those who say chocolate is sinful for kids aren't aware of its amazing benefits. They are not just good in taste, by also rich in stimulants to fill your kids with energy, all day long. Dark chocolates taste bitter, but they are stuffed with soluble fiber and necessary minerals.

Here are five surprising benefits of chocolates for your kids. 

Bond between kid and parent gets sweeter

Chocolates are usually given as a gift to celebrate a success. Parents give chocolate to their children when they achieve something. How big or small, doesn't really matter. You can encourage your kid to perform better next time instead of scolding. Naturally, the parent-child bond grows sweeter and sweeter. So, whenever your kid needs a little morale boost, rely on the sugary delight. 

Help your children excel in Mathematics

According to new studies, eating chocolates improves brains capability to excel at Maths. So, if you find your little mathematician struggling with his math homework, or scoring poor, let him gorge on chocolates before he sits for his next Mathematics exam. It contains flavanols, which raises blood flow to the brain. It also prevents the brain from getting exhausted very quickly. So, allow your children to binge on chocolate if you want them to be good at this subject. Win free prizes of chocolate goodies and hampers from renowned brand like Cadbury. Embark on the mission to make your child the next Aryabhata! 

Increases Happy hormones

Chocolate has a compound called Anandamide. It is a Sanskrit word derived from 'ananda' which means bliss or joy. Anandamide triggers a receptor which results in dopamine production. Dopamine causes a feeling of fulfillment. Besides, eating chocolate releases endorphins into the brain. Endorphins decrease levels of stress and pain. It makes your child happy. 

Provide protection to the heart

A little piece of chocolate a day can keep heart diseases away. It contains antioxidants which help your heart to fight bad cholesterol and keep it safe from other complications. So, a little cube, once in a while keeps your little one's heart strong for a long time. 

Boosts creativity

Apply a little bit of imagination, and you can touch the sky with chocolates. From creating fun stuffs with your children to making a boring breakfast interesting, you can do anything with chocolates. For that, you need an unlimited supply.

Take part in lucky draws to win free prizes, shopping vouchers and chocolate hampers without paying anything. Create flowers, delicate sculptures and use as toppings. The choices are endless. You child will remember the fun and pass on the legacy to the next generation. 

So, give a thumbs up to chocolates and indulge in the sweet extravaganza with your kids.

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