How To Choose The Right Wood

When building a fence wood selection is often a concern for many. It is important to be of aware of what type of wood you require.  Thus, making thedifference between you having an impressive landscape design, or a lump of timber you could use for firewood. In Australia the four most common types of wood are hardwood, treated/untreated pine, cypress pine, pressure treated wood. Matching your wood to the right environment will ensure you have your fence for years to come. The most common types of fencing are Paling Timber Fences, Picket Fences, and Post & Rail Fences. Paling timber fences are often used for used feature fences, neighborhood fences and commercial fence. Picket Fences are used for contemporary homes, or federation style houses. Lastly post & rail fences are traditionally for penning livestock, and offers a bold separation between property lines. Below we have segmented the types of wood that wood benefit you in your next project.




Treated/Untreated Pine


As the most massed produced wood, treated sawn pine is available all across Australia. This environmentally friendly wood is cost effective, carbon neutral, and can be utilized in many projects. A typical Paling size ranges from 1.5 m  to 2.4 m high, and 100 mm and 150 mm wide. Kiln dried pine has various building applications, as it can be coated for outdoor usage.


Application: Outdoor & indoor (all sections)






When choosing the right hardwood, a buyer should be aware of low grade timber. A quick inspection can be done by looking for surface splitting and low wood density. The best available hardwood is located in northern NSW or southern Queensland as the best mixed varieties are produced such as IronBark, Sydney blue gum, Tallow, Blood Wood, and White Mahogany.
Contingent on the strength of the of wood, these timbers can be used for both the post and various sections of the fence.


Application: Fence post & various section




Cypress Pine


Known as a substitute for hardwood or treated pine, White Queensland Cypress Pine is mainly used for fence post. With a gold features, and termite resistance this type of fence is ideal for feature and picket fencing. What makes this wood special is it’s ability repell insects and stave off decay. Cypress pine is structural strong wood, and is recommended for decorative and weight bearing application when you fence.


Application:Outdoor usage, decoration & weight bearing. Common in picket fencing




Pressure-Treated Wood


Used in pailing, rails and plinth pressure treated wood is known to last longer then all timbers. Pressure treated wood is the highest chemically treated wood, and can be used outside with no worry of rot. Classified in both H3 & H4 categories, pressure treated wood is known for it’s green tinge.


Application:Outdoor Usage, Pailing, rails and plinth



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