Student Procrastination : How To Overcome It

Why do students postpone completing their assignments, instead of disassembling it into smaller parts and doing step by step? It happens not because of laziness or carelessness of the former. Youth prefer to value the present day more than tomorrow one, and home tasks are those obstacles that impede kids from enjoying their leisure time. So how to overcome procrastination and boost your performance expeditiously?

Student Procrastination

What Are The Main Reasons Of Procrastination?

If it comes to sources of non-productive learning behavior, the most common reasons can be divided into two groups – internal and external.

External ones are those factors that adversely influence a person in a way his/her motivation to do any business diminishes exponentially. They can easily distract you from the work. Is it a frequent action that you have been working industriously, but then received a message on Facebook and started chatting? Had you heard an income message notification on your smartphone and decided to check your email? Or maybe decided to make a cup of tea, but suddenly a TV serial caught your attention? These are bright examples of an annoying milieu. However, even if they seem different, they do exactly the same job - dispel your attention and make it difficult to return to the working condition.

Internal sources of procrastination differ from the previous ones. If the external sources did not depend on a person that tends to procrastinate, the inner ones do. Typically, they are psychological and connected with the mental state. The main internal factors are:

·        Lack of motivation;

·        Depression;

·        Lack of interest in the given topic;

·        Low self-confidence;

·        Low self-esteem;

·        Fears;

·        Negative experience;

·        Problems with material understanding.

How To Overcome Procrastination?

Now you have a brief description of the main types and sources of this frequent psychological problem, but still hesitate how to start defeating it?

If you discovered that your attention is frequently dispelled by external factors, the solution is quite simple. The milestone that determines and keeps your performance at a high level is your working place.

First of all, you have to separate the place where you work and the one where you relax distinctly and try to make them as remote from each other as possible. Make sure there are no revulsive factors that can disturb you within your daily routine. It has to be a quiet place with no access to TV, social media, people and other negative forces that can prevent you from contemplating.

To go on, isolate yourself from internet access and smartphone. Surely, it can appear difficult. As a solution, you can use some application that allows your phone to make a so-called “White list” of contacts. When you activate it, nobody except these people can send you a call. When you start isolating yourself, you will feel anxiety, but wonder how expeditiously it improves your performance! Later, you will feel more relaxed and excited.

On the other hand, internal factors are not so easy to overcome and it takes more time to discover their sources correctly. For instance, students can be affected by lecturers attitude to the subject. If they have a home task writing an essay on the topic they are not interested in, they probably will try to postpone it as much as possible. It is also possible to order EssayShark review. Another example can be bullying at school or university - student possesses low self-esteem and needs support from others.

The most beneficial solution is to ask your relatives for assistance. Sometimes it enough just to find a person who can listen to you and give a piece of advice. But if it does not help, you can also ask a professional psychologist for help.     


To conclude, students tend to procrastinate because of both inner and outer factors that affect their performance adversely. However, the latter can be diminished and annihilated. Students have to be willing to examine the source of their psychological disaster or disturbing factor in order to work on it`s plunging. Nevertheless, nothing is impossible. The only way to success is working hard on your own faults.


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