What Is The Best Desert Tour In Dubai?

What Is The Best Desert Tour In Dubai?

Dubai has become an indispensable part of the bucket list of any travel enthusiast. This city is a dream destination for people who love historical sights, state-of-the-art architecture, advanced technologies, and happening nightlife. Additionally, the Dubai Desert safari is another main attraction of this city that travelers never dare to miss out on.


The desert safari in this city is filled with many fun activities that are hard to find in other parts of the world. You can enjoy dune bashing, camel riding, barbeque dinners, belly dancing, and other exciting things in these safaris. This post will help you understand what you should expect from the best desert safari Dubai 2020. So, note down all the points and ask your travel agent to include them all in your safari package.


Highlights of the Safari


  • Pick-up and drop service to the hotel.
  • You will get to bash the red dunes of the desert.
  • An exciting camel riding session awaits you under the supervision of an expert.
  • You can ride the sandboards and slide across the desert.
  • Camp activities such as falconry, painting, henna, and shisha are available.
  • A delicious barbeque buffet along with local cuisines and sweet dishes will be served to you.
  • Travelers can experience hot air ballooning.
  • You will get to ride quad bikes and travel across the desert.


About the Safari in Detail


Here, you will learn about all the activities mentioned above in detail to leave you with no doubts. The desert safari price for each activity shall vary from one tour operator to another. So, you should compare the prices thoroughly before booking any package.


Dune Bashing


Dune bashing is a favorite activity of people visiting the Dubai desert. Here, you will drive a heavy SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) over the sand dunes at a very high speed and bash them for fun. However, dune bashing is a safe sport only if you are a skilled driver. Therefore, if you are doubtful about your driving skills, prefer to hire a driver who can navigate perfectly.


Camel Riding


Riding the ship of the desert, camel, is an exciting experience that will stay with you forever. It is a must-try activity for people who want to explore the distant views of the desert. These animals will take you across the desert and help you discover the floras and faunas germinating there. Expert navigators will stay by your side throughout the tour and will also help you get up and down from the camel.


Riding Sandboards


Sandboarding is a great activity to participate in if you are traveling with small ones. You can ride the sandboards that are similar to the surfboards and glide down the soft, golden sandy slopes. This activity is safe since the sand will not hurt you even if you fall several times. However, you should wear the protective gear provided by the experts and follow their instructions ardently to prevent injuries.


Hot Air Ballooning


In hot air ballooning, you will get to ride a hot air balloon that flies high up in the sky and gives a full view of the desert. These balloons move in the direction of the wind and their temperatures and are checked in short intervals. Hot air ballooning is a dream activity of everyone visiting Dubai. You need not worry about anything since a pilot will accompany you throughout the journey.


Ridding a Quad Bike


Quad bikes are buggy bikes that run on the sand and can give you an extreme adrenaline rush. In the Dubai desert, quad bike riding is a favorite activity that youngsters do not miss out on. You can ride these bikes for almost an hour and race with your companions along the red sand dunes. However, you should put on the helmet and the protective gear and understand the riding technique thoroughly before commencing.


Enjoying Camp Life


An extensive camp life awaits you, where you will be welcomed with a cup of mouth-watering Arabian coffee. Next, sweets and dry fruits await you, along with an elaborate barbeque buffet. You can smoke shisha, get Arabic tattoos on your palms, and enjoy belly dancing during your stay in the camp.


Falconry is a favorite activity of camp visitors where you will get to hold the falcon. Each camp has a falcon expert who has trained the bird extensively. Therefore, you can hold the creature on your palm, shoulder, or anywhere you want and click as many snaps you want. All these activities are included in the desert safari Dubai cost per person provided in the beginning by your tour planner.


Bottom Line


All these activities make the Dubai tour more exciting and unforgettable. Therefore, the next time you plan to visit this city, do not forget to book the Desert safari from a reputed travel planner.

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