Types Of Cakes All Sweet Tooths Should Know


Nothing says special occasions better than cakes. This is maybe because they look impressive, or it takes effort to bake them. With so many events to celebrate like birthdays, weddings, etc., you would want to know which treat to buy online or offline bakery stores. Here is a guide to all types of cakes you should be aware of: 

Yellow cakes

Also called the butter cake, it is the quintessential vanilla-flavoured cake that is meant for birthdays and casual snacking. They get that golden colour primarily from the egg yolks in the batter, along with butter. They are rich, dense, and an excellent cake for first-time dessert eaters. 


Traditionally, these cakes are made with one pound of flour, butter, eggs, and sugar. Modern recipes, however, yields a very dense and buttery cake that is versatile as it goes with any toppings, right from dusted powdered sugar to fresh berries to chocolate glaze. 

Sponge cake

Many cakes such as angel and chiffon fall under the sponge cake generally made of egg whites, flour, and sugar which relies on air for leavening. The basic version does not include fat, but the variations add moisture. Known for its versatility, sponge cake is tender and bouncy and soaks up the flavour they are paired with. 

Devil’s food cake

They are the sinfully rich chocolate cake easily flavoured with either unsweetened baking chocolate or hot cocoa. They are made often with boiling water as the primary liquid than milk, and the chocolate level is dense and intense. 

Red velvet cake 

These are mild chocolate confections. The red velvet cake includes a few tablespoons of cocoa powder for flavour and bright red colouring thanks to a heavy amount of food dye. As for the frosting, the main and basic flavour is cheese. 


This is closer to an American biscuit than a cake, and though some people think the name refers to the short height, it depends on the baking method. The dessert is sweet, crumbly, buttery, and has a natural pair of fresh fruit and whipped cream. 


You might be picturing a dry pack of fruitcake, but this is more like the cakes you find during holidays that are boozy, rich, and packed with nuts. Depending on the recipes, these could be glazed, iced, and may include spirits. The flavours available are orange, lemon, and even banana cake

Upside-down cake

We all love frosting, but sometimes too many decorations on the cake can be a turn-off. This is where an upside-down cake enters that is practically decorated by itself. It is made of sliced fresh fruit layering, butter and sugar in the bottom of the cake pan and then topped with the batter. When it comes out from the pan, the pretty topping gets revealed. 

Icebox cake

For this, you do not even need an oven. Icebox cake comes straight from the refrigerator. It is made by assembling the layers of the cookies and fluffy whipped cream, which sets and blends in the fridge for yielding what you swear as slice cakes. The best part is you can try a combination of flavours.

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These cakes are baked with modern recipes, but they make a very rich and buttery cake that may be topped with anything from powdered sugar to fresh berries to chocolate glaze.

These cakes are baked with modern recipes, but they make a very rich and buttery cake that may be topped with anything from powdered sugar to fresh berries to chocolate glaze.

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