Lance Amstrong Awaits Doping Fallout
In his first major cycling event since his doping admission, Lance Armstrong said he still anticipates fallout from the scandal that erased his Tours de France. But it is "a big boy" and can handle.

Armstrong admitted this year for the first time that he doped throughout his cycling career. Admission after years of fleeing challenge such claims, was followed by a brief disappearance the limelight.

The cyclist disgraced Monday attended the second day of the annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, his first cycling event major registry since its admission.

In an exclusive with the Des Moines Register, he said that the participants of the event were favourable.

"" I did not expect a wave of hostility... so far there has not been a major, "" at - he told the newspaper. ".But it can happen, and I'm ready for it. It is just the nature of the story, and I understand that."

Armstrong admitted in January that he used a variety of performance-enhancing drugs to feed his seven Tours de France.

They included testosterone, human growth hormone and blood transfusions to Excel in the highly competitive world of cycling, he said in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in January.

Some cycling fans expressed betrayal after admission, which included a confession that he intimidated those who tried to bring allegations to light.

Others have argued that his cancer survival story has inspired millions and his charity, Livestrong, helped those fighting this horrible disease.

But for many, he says, his doping remains a sensitive subject.

"I think that it is a matter of polarization for some people. I am not ignorant when it comes to this,"at - he told the newspaper. "I know that it was an unfortunate chapter in our sport. When I say period, I mean 10,15,20 years, and for me unfortunately I'm right smack dab in the middle of this period."

However, he told the newspaper, he was unprepared for the reaction that followed her admission.

"The reaction and impact were more than I expected... but that's life, I'm a big boy." Still a matter of polarization which has left many people stumped. It was not a pretty time. I did not invent this, I did not put end. My bad to play long "."

Born in Texas, Armstrong, 41 years old, started professional cycling at a young age. But its sports field of career to a halt in 1996, when he was diagnosed with cancer of the testis in 25 years.

His 1999 Tour de France victory seemed all the more special after he fought a disease that had spread to his lungs, abdomen and brain. He continued to win more straight until 2005 in the most prestigious race of the sport.

He left the sport after his last victory to return four years later and finish third.

Following allegations of doping, Armstrong was stripped of its titles travel and banned from professional sport for life by the Agency American anti-doping

His reputation is in tatters and the victories of cycling to a legend is now wiped. He was asked to repay millions of dollars to a number of organizations, including the French cycling Federation.

However, his greatest concern is for her five children and their reaction to his disgrace. His younger age, 2 and 4, are particularly vulnerable, he said.

"They will grow up in an era where everything is still. Everything will be on YouTube, everything will be cataloged. So always they will live with it,"he said. "It's my job to try to walk the line with them now."

Armstrong continues his ride Tuesday its last day in the event of a week.
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