Tips for overcoming a Job Interview

When you are prepared for the interview, among other things, it means that you know exactly what the company is doing, what your job will be there, what doubts can arise when the interviewer reads your resume and, of course, have the answers prepared that best leave you and have more relationship with that job.

However, you should take help from an interview coach if you don't know how start to prepare for a job. Below I have listed most important points that will help you. Keep reading..

Before the interview

  • Know everything you can about the company
  • Study your skills, your experience and your training
  • Bring the curriculum and know it perfectly, because they will be based on it
  • Make a list of your weak points and prepare arguments to defend them
  • If you are cited in writing, it is correct to call to confirm your attendance
  • Do not go with dark glasses
  • Check your appearance (avoid flashy clothes, well-dressed, clean and shaved)
  • Go alone
  • Arrive soon (5 minutes before)
  • Prepare the interview, the coach is going to do it too

During the Interview

Create a good impression First impressions are of great importance. Many entrepreneurs consider that after having seen a candidate enter the door, observe the form of shaking hands and sit down, they are able to decide on their worth


  • Say hello to the interviewer with a conventional formula: Good afternoon Mr. Ruiz
  • Sit right, neither on the edge of the chair (insecurity), or lounging (disrespect)
  • Do not be the first to extend your hand
  • He waves with a handshake and smiles, looking into his eyes
  • Do not sit down until they tell you
  • Do not tutee if they do not tell you
  • Be attentive and sympathetic
  • Avoid getting nervous and gestures that indicate how to bite your nails, hit with the pen on the table, shake on the seat.
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not interrupt
  • Look at the interviewer in the eyes, but without intimidating
  • Let him take the initiative
  • Do not talk too much, or too little
  • Watch your mouth
  • Do not sin of aggressive or sensible/a
  • Do not get too close to him
  • Do not put your elbows on the interviewer's table
  • Do not cross your arms, it may seem that you are on the defensive
  • If they offer you a drink you can accept but, that is not alcoholic

Think before answering

  • Respond clearly and briefly
  • Always tell the truth
  • If they ask you about yourself, emphasize your training, experience and the result of your work
  • Do not use elaborate words
  • Do not respond with evasive or doubts, or with monosyllables
  • Do not wait too long to answer, it might seem like a distraction
  • Do not use sharp expressions "always, never", or use "bout", "this", "good" ...
  • Show enthusiasm for work, but do not beg
  • Do not speak ill of the companies in which you have worked
  • Do not refuse to answer questions
  • If they ask you questions like: how are you going on a trip with your boyfriend / girl, what do they ask for one or two rooms? Answer that in your opinion that matter is irrelevant to deduce your suitability for the position you choose. Say it seriously but not aggressively. These questions value your emotional control

Think positively

  • Do not ask for the position as if it were an alms
  • Do not say that you need the work terribly
  • Do not criticize past entrepreneurs

Example: Do not say, "I just finished my studies and I do not have professional experience" otherwise focused the correct answer would be "I am available to work and willing to put into practice all the knowledge I have acquired in my studies

Make questions

  • On the possibilities of promotion, the company or the job

Express your gratitude

After the interview

Analyze the results, note strengths and weaknesses, it can be useful for a second interview or for future interviews in other companies.

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