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Gearheads need periodic lubrication and/or replacement in aggressive start/stop applications. Belts need regular tightening up. There are no time-wear components in a direct drive motor and consequently they need no upkeep. With direct drive motors/ DIRECT TORQUE MOTORS, all you need is the motor and the installing bolts. This typically changes lots of parts including brackets, guards, belts, sheaves, tensioners, couplings, and bolts, resulting in: Less parts on the BOM.

Assembly time of the servo drops from several hours with the mechanical transmission to a number of minutes with the DDR. Reduced cost. Although a direct drive motor may carry a small price-premium compared to a motor/gearhead with the same torque, consider that there is a total expense reduction when eliminating the parts and labor of all the extra elements needed in a system with mechanical transmission.

Such sizing conventions are not required with direct drive technology. Makers with DDR motors have audible noise levels less than the exact same machine with a mechanical transmission. Direct Drive/ DIRECT TORQUE innovation utilizes HIGH TORQUE LOW SPEED Long-term magnet Synchronous motors with feedback. The features of such a motor as compared to an induction motor are as listed below: Permanent Magnet Concurrent motor are capable of producing extremely high starting torque @ 300% of Ranked Value.

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You can adjust/ quote machine torque directly from current reading. This is not possible with Induction Motor. Irreversible Magnet Synchronous motor speed variety is 0 150 or 0 300 RPM with Full Rated Torque depending upon machine requirement. There is no necessity to utilize an Equipment Box. PMSM has high efficiency of @ 85 to 90% whereas Combined efficiency of Induction Motor & Gear Box is @ 75%.

Hydraulic Orbital Motors, Low Speed High Torque Motors, Genuine Metaris,  Roller-Star, GeroterHydraulic Orbital Motors, Low Speed High Torque Motors, Genuine Metaris, Roller-Star, Geroter

9 X Motor 0. 83 = 0. 75). Thus will lead to Need More Info? conserving in power usage. Usually cost distinction in PMSM & Induction Motor with Equipment Box is recovered by power conserving over a period of 1 to 1 years with 2 shift working. Use of PMSM eliminates Equipment Box sound, oil leakages, sound pollution and so on

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