Extra Activity Kitchens to Learn for the Newbies

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A kitchen is often the focal point of home activities. Therefore, when planning a new kitchen design-assuming, of course, that sufficient space exists-give a good deal of thought to incorporating facilities for the extra activities that could take place there. Here are a few ideas:


The family room kitchen

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Your kitchen need not be a separate room. For example, you can create a kitchen at one end or on one side of a large living room/dining room. One-wall, corridor, L, or U kitchens are all possibilities, though the L- and U-shaped kitchens require plenty of open space.

The problems with the family room kitchen are few, but they must be considered. Ideally, housekeeping should be impeccable. “They are also easy to remodel with home improvement activities. And also many people do not like to see open shelving or pot racks in a family room kitchen.” – Said in perfect power tools website.

Do not forget, moreover, that a family room kitchen means more noise and odors in the living area of the home that does a closed-room kitchen. The dishwasher, disposer, ventilating fan, and refrigerator all are sources of noise.


The home office

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The kitchen can be a convenient place for a home office, and facilities for an office can be designed into a kitchen quite easily.

An office in the kitchen calls for a dropped desk area with a counter about 6 inches below the regular 36-inch counter height. A desk should be at least 24 inches wide, with its depth matching the cabinet depth at that point. A single apron (shallow) drawer can be placed beneath the desktop right one any side of the pulldown faucets or taps.

But it is essential that the drawer not interfere with knee space. A drawer unit or a two-drawer file can be placed beside the open knee space under the desktop.

If the desk area is positioned at the end of a cabinet run, an alternative to the drawer unit would be a narrow tray storage cabinet placed sideways against the wall. Again, it is essential that ample knee space is provided.


The communication center

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A complete intercom system-one that includes a two-way communication system between the kitchen and the bedrooms, recreation room, and basement.

This happens with smoke and intruder alarms; radio and tape music facilities; and even a sophisticated closed-circuit TV for supervision of the children's play area can be installed in the kitchen. Such an installation should be located away from the work triangle.


The craft and hobby center

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The kitchen can provide a well-lighted area in the heart of the home for working on crafts and hobbies. Like the home office, the craft and hobby center that is incorporated in the kitchen may require little more than a cabinet or two suited to the activity.

But if the hobby is one that requires a kiln or soldering or otherwise produces heat and fumes, an extra ventilating hood over the area should be installed.


The greenhouse center


There are greenhouses made to fit in kitchen windows, and bulb manufacturers offer to grow lights to help plants thrive. Such lights can provide a very pleasant lighting effect in the kitchen. Since kitchens develop special heat and humidity conditions that differ from other home areas, it is essential to consult an expert on the type of plants to buy for a kitchen greenhouse.

Be sure to tell the expert whether your kitchen appliances are gas or electric; the difference is important when it comes to planting selection and care.

If you are into plants to any serious extent, you will need a place for potting, seeding, and transplant. You can install a second sink in the kitchen- much like a vanity cabinet- and provide for seating or standing space around it.

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