Coffee and Tea Premix Sachets

By Cafe

• Single Serve Instant Coffee Premix 

Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee after a tiring day at office. Satiate your taste buds by relishing its amazing taste which will keep you rejuvenated throughout the day. Its healthy ingredients ensure that you remain relaxed and calm. Perfect blend of taste and nutrition is all you need for maintenance of your metabolism of your body. It can be easily made by mixing up the ingredients in a cup of hot water. It is an sought after alternative to the coffee of a coffee machine.


  •   Single Serve Lemon Tea

Relish the taste of this lemon tea which can drive you crazy with every sip. With a range of benefits, this is one sought solution to all your health problems. Its aroma can set your mood for a delightful day with your loved ones. Unlock the door to heaven happiness with our specially prepared lemon tea.

  • Single Serve Cappuccino 

You won’t be able to resist the temptation with the cappuccino flavor which comes with perfect blend of right amount of sweet taste. Tickle your taste buds with this mouth watering cappuccino taste with lemon tea goodness. Enjoy your favorite coffee beverage within the comfort of your room with instant and easy making. It is way better than the coffee of a coffee maker which isn’t brewed well.

• Single Serve Tomato Soup 

This creamy, delicious and mouth-watering rich flavor of ripened tomatoes is all you need as your kick start evening appetizer. Nothing can be better than enjoying it with your loved ones while relaxing at home. This soup is not easy to cook but also thick and tasty. No wonder it is one of the best sought after alternatives for a healthy drink before your meals. A tinge of spices have been added according to your taste. Add bread crumps to enhance its flavor and serve hot to your family and friends.

• Kadak Masala Chai 

Masala chai is a very delicious and flavored tea beverage which is made from brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian herbs and spices. It is simply divine if it is prepared well by mixing the important ingredients in the right proportion. The best way to prepare this spice tea is by boiling it with water and milk and adding sugar according to taste. Nothing can be better than enjoying the taste of spices like cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and black pepper together blended well into each other. It is all you need for any special occasion and serve it well with light snacks to make your evening end perfect.

• Kadak Elaichi Chai

Delight your buds with our exquisitely tasting elaichi chai and satisfy your cravings for a well prepared beverage. Experience exciting coffee moments with our new aromatic flavor which can add colors to your day. Start your day with a refreshing cup of kadak elaichi tea to stay energetic throughout the day. The elegant taste of elaichi will be felt with every sip you take. Hot and sizzling tea can be prepared in just a few minutes without any hassles. Indulge in relishing each and every sip with its unique aroma which is bound to make you feel stress free. 

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